About Aromatic Diffusers

For the most part, 100% pure, undiluted Essential Oils may be diffused with several important guidelines. If unsure about the diffusibility of an Essential Oil, a simple test is to put a drop of the oil on a fragrance tester strip to observe its volatility (evaporation rate). Volatile oils evaporate completely and are typically suitable for diffusion. Oils that remain like an oily spot on paper (not a colored stain), usually indicate a fatty or oily oil that is not diffusible. Another tool to help determine diffusibility appears on each oil's webpage, under 'Appearance', where the oil's texture or thickness is described.

  • Viscous (thick) Essential Oils such as Amyris or Vetiver may be diffused if pre-diluted with thinner Essential Oils such as citrus peel or needle oils.To diffuse thicker oils, first thin them with a ratio of approximately one drop of the thick oil to three drops thinner oil(s), such as citrus peel or needle oils, before diffusing.
  • Solvent extracted Absolutes, CO2 Select and Total Extracts are not suitable for diffusion. They may be solid or semi-solid, contain plant waxes, resins, colorants, flavonoids or other compounds that are not volatile, will not evaporate and tend to clog diffuser mechanisms.
  • Despite their potent, clarifying aromas, Essential Oils with high percentages of ketones, such as Mugwort, Common Sage, White Sage, Rosemary ct verbenone, Spike Lavender, Lavandin Grosso and Tansy are advised against during pregnancy and may also have neurotoxic potential, so long periods of inhalation warrant caution.
  • Consider other household occupants who may have individual sensitivities, including pets, when choosing Essential Oils to diffuse in your home. With some exceptions, most Essential Oils are safe to diffuse around pets and small children. Here is a list of some commonly available Essential Oils that may be difficult for pets to metabolize and may be irritating or inadvisable to diffuse, particularly around small children and pregnant women: Holy Basil (Tulsi), Birch, Bitter Almond, Clove Bud, Hyssop (H. officinalis not decumbens type), Oregano, Pennyroyal, Savory, Tansy, Tarragon, Thuja, Thyme ct. Carvacrol, Thyme ct. Thymol and Wintergreen.
  • Some Essential Oils have specific safety considerations or contraindications that will inform your decision to diffuse; please check for these within each oil's descriptor page on our website.
  • Carrier (fatty or 'fixed') oils, EO dilutions and blends in carrier oil bases are not volatile and are never suitable for diffusion.
  • Our Essence Oil blends are compositions of Essential Oils and solvent extracted absolutes blended into a carrier oil base and are not suitable for use in any type of diffuser. Fatty oil-based blends are ideal for use with YOU as the diffuser – the human body is the perfect instrument from which to diffuse these aromatic notes. Our Essence Oil Blends are designed to be used as personal perfumes, or diluted with more carrier oil to make an all over body oil.

Evaluating individual diffuser brands is worth the time, noting the specifications that are given – such as the approximate square foot area covered and volume or reservoir capacity. Some diffusers have on/off or intermittent timers, USB charging capacity and other features. These and the following factors should be considered when choosing an electric Essential Oil room diffuser; there are two main types – ultrasonic and nebulizing. Read and follow instructions for any unit you purchase.

Ultrasonic Diffusers

  • easy to clean
  • doubles as a humidifier – the extra moisture in the air helps alleviate dryness of the skin, eyes, and nasal passages
  • budget-friendly – the units, on average, tend to cost less than nebulizing diffusers
  • use much less EO than nebulizing diffusers
  • run for longer periods of time – up to 24 hours before needing to be refilled

Nebulizing Diffusers

  • generally disperse Essential Oils significantly faster and at a higher concentration than ultrasonic diffusers
  • harder to clean than ultrasonic diffusers
  • tend to cost more than ultrasonic diffusers
  • do not have a humidifying effect because they don't use water
  • are a bit louder than ultrasonic diffusers

EO burners are often attractive ceramic units operating with a tea light/candle, but heating Essential Oils is precisely what is advised against. Due to molecular changes that occur to Essential Oils when heated, this type of diffusion is suitable for scenting ambient environments, but it is not considered to be aromatherapy. That said, Essential Oils slowly evaporate when gently warmed on an electric, ceramic diffuser stone – a methodology for assessing the range of top, middle, and base notes as well as the dry down for blending insights and ideas.

Eden Botanicals Essential Oils that are Suitable for use in a Diffuser

Amyris*Frankincense, OmanPalmarosa, Nepal - Wild
Anise, StarFrankincense, SomaliaPalo Santo
Balsam of Peru Oil*Frankincense, Somalia - OrganicPatchouli - Double Distilled*
Basil, Holy (Tulsi)Geranium, Africa - OrganicPatchouli - Organic*
Basil, Sweet ct LinaloolGeranium, Egypt - OrganicPatchouli, Dark*
Basil, Sweet ct Linalool - OrganicGeranium, RosePatchouli, Light*
BergamotGinger - OrganicPepper, Black
Bergamot - OrganicGinger, Fresh - OrganicPeppercorn, Pink
Bergamot FCFGrapefruit - OrganicPeppermint, France - Organic
Bergamot FCF - OrganicGrapefruit, PinkPeppermint, India - Organic
Black PepperGrapefruit, Ruby RedPeppermint, USA
Black Spruce - OrganicGrapefruit, WhitePetitgrain Bigarade - Organic
Cannabis (Hemp)Helichrysum - OrganicPetitgrain sur Fleurs - Organic
Cardamom - OrganicHinoki WoodPetitgrain, Mandarin - Organic
Carrot SeedHyssop DecumbensPine, Pinyon - Wild
Carrot Seed - OrganicKhella - OrganicPine, Scotch - Organic
Cedarwood, Atlas - OrganicKunzea - WildPlai
Cedarwood, Atlas - WildLaurel Leaf - OrganicRavintsara
Cedarwood, HimalayanLavender - WildRavintsara - Organic
Cedarwood, TexasLavender – High ElevationRhododendron, Siberian
Cedarwood, VirginiaLavender, Bulgaria - OrganicRosalina
Celery SeedLavender, France - OrganicRose Otto, Bulgaria - Organic
Chamomile, Blue - OrganicLavender, Italy - OrganicRose Otto, Turkey
Chamomile, CapeLavender, MailletteRose Otto, White - Organic
Chamomile, Roman Lemon - OrganicRosewood Leaf - Organic
Chamomile, Roman - ItalyLemon, Distilled - OrganicSandalwood - Plantation Grown*
Cilantro - OrganicLemongrass - OrganicSandalwood, Australian - Premium*
Cinnamon Bark - OrganicLemongrass - WildSandalwood, New Caledonia*
Cistus - OrganicLime - DistilledSandalwood, New Caledonia - Extra*
Cistus - TraditionalLime - ExpressedSandalwood, Royal Hawaiian - ORG*
Citronella - OrganicLime, Distilled - OrganicSpearmint - Organic
Clary Sage, France - OrganicLitsea Cubeba - OrganicSpearmint, USA
Clary Sage, RussiaMandarin, GreenSpruce, Black - Organic
Clary Sage, USAMandarin, RedTangerine, USA
Clove BudMandarin, YellowTea Tree - Organic
Clove Bud - OrganicManuka - WildThyme ct Carvacrol - Organic
Coffee Bean Oil*MarjoramThyme ct Linalool - Organic
Cognac, GreenMarjoram, Sweet - OrganicThyme ct Thymol - Organic
Copaiba Balsam*Mastic Leaf / BranchTulsi (Holy Basil)
Coriander Seed - OrganicMelissa - OrganicTurmeric - Organic*
Cypress Leaf - OrganicMyrrh, Somalia*Verbena - Organic
Cypress, Blue*Nagarmotha (Cypriol)*Vetiver - Double Distilled*
ElemiNeroli, Egypt - OrganicVetiver, Haiti - Organic*
Eucalyptus, Blue GumNeroli, Morocco - OrganicVetiver, India*
Eucalyptus, Blue Gum - OrganicNeroli, Tunisia - OrganicVetiver, Java*
Eucalyptus, Blue MalleeNerolina - WildWintergreen - Organic
Eucalyptus, LemonNiaouli - OrganicWintergreen - Wild
Eucalyptus, Narrow LeafOpopanax - Wild*Yarrow, Blue - Organic
Eucalyptus, Narrow Leaf - OrganicOrange - WildYlang Ylang Complete - Organic
Fir, BalsamOrange Essence OilYlang Ylang Extra - Organic
Fir, Balsam - OrganicOrange, Bitter Red - OrganicYlang Ylang I - Organic
Fir, Douglas - OrganicOrange, BloodYlang Ylang II - Organic
Fir, Siberian - WildOrange, Sweet - OrganicYlang Ylang III - Organic
Fragonia™Oregano - OrganicYlang Ylang, Fine - Organic
Frankincense Frereana - OrganicPalmarosa - OrganicYuzu, Distilled

*This viscous Essential Oil may be diffused if pre-diluted with thinner Essential Oils such as citrus peel or needle oils.To diffuse thicker oils, first thin them with a ratio of approximately one drop of the thick oil to three drops thinner oil(s), such as citrus peel or needle oils, before diffusing.