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Cedrus atlantica (Endl.) Manetti ex Carrière


The woody, warm and balsamic aroma of Atlas Cedarwood is one that perfumers often describe as ‘masculine’, although in fact it appeals to all genders. And because Cedarwood’s warm, embracing


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The woody, warm and balsamic aroma of Atlas Cedarwood is one that perfumers often describe as ‘masculine’, although in fact it appeals to all genders. And because Cedarwood’s warm, embracing fragrance has a profoundly soulful quality, it is often found in more introspective, personal perfumes and in meditation blends. Revered for millennia, Atlas Cedarwood has been used for building ships, shrines, and bath houses, as well as in cosmetics, and perfumery; it is also considered to be one of the earliest incense materials.[1]

Impressive Cedrus atlantica forests once blanketed the high mountains of North Africa, but harvesting the timber has nearly brought the tree to its knees in countries like Algeria, where fires and unregulated cutting resulted in a steep decline in their population and range. Our Organic Atlas Cedarwood essential oil is produced at our extraction facility in Morocco using wood shavings and sawdust upcycled from the lumber industry. More importantly, as a by-product of the strictly controlled logging industry in Morocco, no trees are cut to produce it. In addition, we work with suppliers to evaluate and improve sustainability, tools and practices in all stages of production.[2] Ensuring the sustainability of vulnerable biological species is a very important aspect that we consider when sourcing our oils.

Atlas Cedarwood essential oil has wide applications in aromatherapy as well as natural perfumery. The calming aroma of Atlas Cedarwood is believed to be associated with the energy centeredness and abundance.[3] The aroma is wonderful to diffuse on its own, a superb addition to massage oils, and ideal in blends that aim to deepen the spiritual in every body.

Please note when purchasing Cedarwood essential oil: we recommend Atlas and Himalayan Cedarwood oils, as they are the most notably used, have an appealing aroma, and are the only true Cedar oils typically available. Texas Cedarwood and Virginia Cedarwood are actually Junipers and although quite useful, are different in aroma and effects. Cedar Leaf oil is from a species of Thuja and is best used very carefully or not at all due to its potential toxicity.[4]

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Customer Reviews

to mossy!!


it smells like cedar, but then i get this weird mossy wet diaper note. the other people said that to age it, so i'm going to try

Review by blake 3/1/2024

this and australian Prem. are winners


I love this oil. recently my brother and I went to sprouts and spent a while smelling EO's and he smelled the cedar and it was so strong and sharp that it ended up giving him a headache. I bought this because I needed cedar in a perfume I was making and I bought this one based on the reviews and description of it being sweet, and it sure is. It's woody, sweet and i don't want to say sharp but bright and lovely.

Review by Amanda 9/14/2017

Truly a Unisex Oil


This Cedarwood is divine. With its sweet and warm drydown, it has blended beautifully with both masculine and feminine scents. Several blends I've tried that have been blessed by this oil: A forest blend of Vetiver, Fir Balsam, Douglas Fir, Elemi. A meditation blend I created to mimic endangered Rosewood: Cedarwood, Geranium Rose, Vetiver, Coriander, Clary Sage. And a unisex blend inspiring visions of raptors in flight over deep green forests: Clary Sage,Frankincense India, Cedarwood Himalayan, Geranium Rose, Lime, Lemon, Cypress, Sandalwood,Tobacco, Oakmoss. This oil has an amazing range of play.

Review by Toi Lynn 1/12/2017

very warm and pleasant autumn aroma


This my first time leaving a review for Eden Botanicals. When I first put a dab of undiluted oil on a test strip, it mostly seemed to have a phenolic(?) note that I wasn't too interested in. (Note to self: test oils in dilution next time.) But after letting it dry and smelling it again after a couple hours, it had developed into an extremely nice sugary+woody smell. I've never smelled cedar sap, to me it just feels like a familiar foody scent that I can't quite put my finger on. Perhaps like cinnamon and sugar dissolved in milk that you put in a warm bowl of oatmeal? It's very nice. I can see why it would be used as a fixative for floral scents.

Review by Julia 7/23/2016

The Best


Ah, the unmistakable coconut and melon aroma of Cedrus atlantica. One of the finest wood derived oils.

Review by Cananga odorata 6/29/2016

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