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Origanum marjorana L.


This special organic Sweet Marjoram has a very fresh, warm, sweet/spicy, terpenic aroma with a mildly pungent, herbaceous-woody undertone – a truly delightful aromatic scent!


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This special organic Sweet Marjoram has a very fresh, warm, sweet/spicy, terpenic aroma with a mildly pungent, herbaceous-woody undertone – a truly delightful aromatic scent!

All Origanum species are native to Mediterranean regions, and have been cultivated since ancient times.[1] Plants in the botanical family Labiatae – including Marjoram, Oregano, Lavender, Rosemary, Sage and Thyme – have a special predilection for dry rocky slopes, open spaces, and sunny mountains, preferring the median climatic regions around the Mediterranean Sea.[2]


Sweet Marjoram has a unique composition of terpene esters combined with a significant amount of the terpene alcohol, terpinene-4-ol – the same alcohol that makes Tea Tree so valuable in skincare.[3] Indeed, Sweet Marjoram is an effective addition to skincare preparations, diffuser blends, chest rubs, as well as nighttime sprays and massage blends. The name for the genus Origanum is derived from the Greek oros and ganos, meaning “joy of the mountains.”[4] The peaceful and comforting aroma is certainly a joy to use as it brings freshness and warmth to topical and perfumery creations.

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Customer Reviews

Ah, so lovely!


The product description is spot on with this one from my perspective. Didn't expect to like it as much as I do, but I really enjoy the aroma! The mildly camphorous sweetness is great. Sort of like a good lavender without it's characteristic flower smell. I have a pretty strong dislike for lavender so I really enjoy this sweet, mildly terpenic scent.

Review by Amy 6/10/2018

the happiest of marjorams


I am a big fan of EB’s marjoram essential oil and I use extensively in my perfume and aromatherapy blends, so when I received this sample, I was slightly skeptical that I would find any need of it. How wrong I was! Marjoram sweet might be familiar, but it has unique qualities you won’t find in a typical marjoram oil. True to its name, the oil has a decided sweetness about it that other marjorams lack. It is perfectly inoffensive, almost floral even. Most people don’t love marjoram by itself, but can stomach it when blended into scent. This marjoram sweet, however, is the first marjoram I’ve found that people seem to like right off the bat! Immediately I tried blending it with some ylang ylang, lavender, and cistus and found it to be such an uplifting addition. EB’s regular marjoram will always have my heart for woody green blends, but I am a converted fan of marjoram sweet for my floral perfumes. It smells exactly how it sounds. An easy ingredient for any perfumer or skincare creator to befriend.

Review by J 6/16/2017

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