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Although all of our ingredients are pure and of the highest quality, here are some of our most popular oils. Try them and you'll see why.

Hinoki Wood EO
Chamaecyparis obtusa (Siebold & Zucc.) Endl.
Rose Absolute, Bulgaria
Rosa x damascena Mill.
Plum Kernel Oil - Organic
Prunus domestica L.

Educational Resources

Check out the articles below to learn more about the oils you use – from extraction processes to ingredient benefits, we’ve got you covered.


Dilution Solutions

Essential oils are potent and highly concentrated extracts derived from plants. As a frame of reference, a moderately high-producing plant like Lavender


How to Increase the Longevity of Natural Perfume

Natural perfumes can offer a beautiful botanical alternative to those typically seen in the mainstream beauty world, though natural aromatics aren’t known for their fragrance longevity. This is because conventional perfumes contain...


Fixatives and Their Function in Natural Perfumery

At Eden Botanicals, we receive many inquiries about fixatives, so we decided to dedicate an article on the topic.

Our Farms & Distilleries

We grow and process the finest ingredients available from our five organic farms and thirteen distilleries located in North America, Africa and Europe, through our parent company, Biolandes. Having this direct source to our essential oils and extracts means that we have expertise in harvesting and extraction methods, and can ensure quality and transparency in all stages of production.

From Madagascar

Located in Ambanja in the Sambirano river valley,  our 1000 organic acres of aromatic plants and spices enjoy a lush tropical climate and favorable conditions year-round.

Ylang Ylang Complete - Organic EO
Cananga odorata (Lam.) Hook.f. & Thomson
Vetiver, Madagascar – Organic EO
Vetiveria zizanioides [synonym of Chrysopogon zizanioides (L.) Roberty]
Ylang Ylang, Fine - Organic EO
Cananga odorata var. genuina [synonym of Cananga odorata (Lam.) Hook.f. & Thomson]
Vanilla Absolute - Organic
Vanilla planifolia Jacks. ex Andrews

From France

The terroir of southern France, with its chalky limestone soil and temperate climate, is the ideal setting for aromatic plants that have thrived here for millennia.

Orris Butter (15% irones) EO
Iris pallida Lam.
Clary Sage - Organic EO
Salvia sclarea L.
Hay Absolute 
Poaceae spp. / Foin coupé L.
Carrot Absolute
Daucus carota L.

From Morocco

The nutrient-rich soil of Morocco’s “green belt” of our organic farm in Khemisset (North of Morocco), and the semi-arid grassy plains of our extraction facility in El Kelaa (South of Morocco) offer aromatics from the best of both worlds.

Neroli, Morocco - Organic EO
Citrus aurantium var. amara L. (synonym of Citrus x aurantium L.)
Rose Absolute - Trilogy
Rosa x damascena Mill.
Petitgrain Absolute
Citrus aurantium var. amara L. (synonym of Citrus x aurantium L.)
Armoise (Mugwort) - Wild EO
Artemisia herba-alba Asso

Our Values


We know we are only as good as the products we sell and are committed to offering you the very best. When selecting the highest quality oils and extracts for your creative projects, we take into consideration the growing climate and terrain, consistent health of the crops, harvesting and extraction methods, and the ethical practices that are followed throughout production. It is our promise to you that everything you purchase is of the highest quality, 100% pure, natural, species-specific, and authentic - satisfaction guaranteed.


Every lot of each of our oils are GCMS tested through third party labs to ensure that they are 100% pure, natural, and unadulterated. Through testing, we are able to determine the quality of an oil and the percentage of important constituents. Doing so creates complete transparency and gives our customers the valuable data they need to make informed choices. You can download the COA (certificate of analysis) for each lot on the corresponding product page.


We offer many organic certified essential oils, extracts and carrier oils whenever available. As demand for high quality, certified organic oils increase, we will continue adding more to our stock. We strongly support the production and sale of organic products because of the effect of chemicals on our fragile planet. However, the quality of an oil is determined by much more than it being grown certified organic. We also consider the quality of seeds or cuttings used to start the plants, growing and harvesting methods, distillation process, and post-distillation care. The organic ingredients we carry are grown and processed at certified facilities and we are a certified handler of organic oils through the National Organic Program (NOP). To download a copy of our organic certificate, please click the link to the PDF in our footer below under Customer Support.


From our customer interactions to shipping orders, we strive to provide superior customer support every step of the way. Our talented staff is well-versed in aromatherapy, natural perfumery and cosmetic formulation and can help offer guidance on the best oils for your needs. We make every effort to pack and ship your orders quickly and with care using recyclable and biodegradable packing materials. In our aim to provide you the best purchasing experience, all of our products are available in sample sizes for you to evaluate before ordering larger quantities. No matter if you are a seasoned professional or simply an enthusiast, we are here to help.