Lavender, Wild EO

Lavandula angustifolia Mill.


Our beautiful Wild Lavender oil offers a very fresh floral and soft green herbaceous aroma with smooth diffusive notes. One could easily imagine being in a wild tangle of Lavender in full bloom – a heady experience you would not soon forget.


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Our beautiful Wild Lavender oil offers a very fresh floral and soft green herbaceous aroma with smooth diffusive notes. One could easily imagine being in a wild tangle of Lavender in full bloom – a heady experience you would not soon forget.

Our Lavender – Wild is from an uncultivated harvest in the south of France, an area well known for producing some of the planet’s most remarkable Lavender. Wild populations of plants have consistently varied genetics that, as a whole, constitute a particularly strong vigor for surviving some very difficult terrain. The natural vitality and life force of wild plants are reflected in the chemical composition of their essential oils, making them exceptionally suited for aromatherapy applications.

In consumer products, true Lavender (called interchangeably Lavandula angustifolia, L. officinalis and L. vera[1]) is often adulterated or replaced by the less expensive, but higher yielding hybrid Lavandins. This substitution only approximates the complex and robust aroma of Lavender and offers a much narrower spectrum of aromatic constituents.[2] Although this iconic plant thrives in poor, rocky soil in many parts of the world, France is still considered to be the premier growing region and is the source of two of our other best-selling Lavender essential oils (High Elevation and France – Organic).

In aromatherapy, Lavender is one of the most commonly used essential oils due to its general availability, modest price, versatility and universally pleasant scent. Lavender has been an integral part of fine fragrances for centuries – it is a middle to top note, can be used as a perfume modifier, and can also help mask unpleasant aromas of oils you want to use in blends. It is a popular addition to skincare preparations of all types, and is a favorite in diffusers, outdoor sprays, massage blends, and in relaxing baths. Lavender oil has a cooling and drying aroma that is said to help calm the body, mind and spirit. This is one oil that should be part of everyone’s collection!

1 Sheppard-Hanger, Sylla. The Aromatherapy Practitioner Reference Manual, Vol. 1, 1994, p. 263.

2 Arctander, Steffen. Perfume and Flavor Materials of Natural Origin, 1960, p. 349.

3 Tisserand, Robert and Rodney Young. Essential Oil Safety, 2nd ed., 2014, p. 327.

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Customer Reviews

Lavender Wild


I make oils for my business, and after trying this one I didn’t care much for it. It is very low scent.

Review by Chelle 5/28/2023

My favourite lavender


This lavender smells exactly like the lavender growing in our farm fields in Nova Scotia. Slightly sweet, not too camphorus with a caramel note lingering at the end. I have tried all EB's lavenders and this is most definitely my favourite.

Review by Rachael 1/5/2023

Lavender Wild


Recently tried a sample of this lavender, smells nice but very low scent. I will be trying different lavenders out.

Review by Rachelle 8/26/2022

The most gorgeous lavender


I'm very picky with my lavender. Too camphoraceous or two syrupy sweet, and I'm immediately turned off. This lavender is so delicious, it's like a drug to me. Just sweet enough, I can inhale directly from the bottle and experience an immediate relaxed, euphoric sensation. It has extraordinary therapeutic benefits as week--it knocks me out right before bed and I sleep like a rock all night! I had high hopes for the organic lavender from France, but it was much too syrupy sweet. Also, I usually try to buy organic when I can, but because this is wildcrafted, I reason that pesticides aren't a huge issue. You will not be disappointed. This is my favorite lavender ever. So well worth the price.

Review by N 2/18/2016

So Fresh


Imagine burying your face in a field of lavender...this oil will give you that experience. It is so fresh, pure and clean the only thing better is the actual plant. I adore lavender and this oil is simply amazing.

Review by Sherry 6/10/2015

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