Opopanax - Wild EO

Commiphora erythraea (Ehrenb.) Engl. var. glabrescens (synonym of Commiphora gorinii Chiov.)


The aroma of Opopanax essential oil, with its pleasantly balsamic sesquiterpenes, is another oil akin to Frankincense and Myrrh. It is reputedly the main species of ‘myrrh’ of ancient times, used in incense and perfume.[1] 


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The aroma of Opopanax essential oil, with its pleasantly balsamic sesquiterpenes, is another oil akin to Frankincense and Myrrh. It is reputedly the main species of ‘myrrh’ of ancient times, used in incense and perfume.[1] Ours has a sweetly aromatic, spicy, warm, fresh, deep balsamic aroma with woody, root-like, slight animalic, and faint celery / lovage undertones. Quite an array of olfactory input!

Commiphora glabrescens is a tree botanically related to C. myrrha that yields Myrrh essential oil, a product similar in aroma and appearance to Opopanax essential oil.[2] As the oleo-gum resin of C. glabrescens dries, it takes the form of reddish-yellow 'tears' containing 5-10 percent essential oil, about 50 percent gum, and 22 percent odorless resin, the component responsible for this oil's fixative properties.[3] About 5 kilos of resin is required to yield one kilo of Opopanax essential oil.[4]

Both Williams[5] and Arctander[6] specifically point out that the aroma of Opopanax essential oil typically differs from that of Myrrh: Opopanax has a spicy, "somewhat broth-like" or "vegetable soup-like, slightly animal-sweet odor" and "is obviously richer in deep-balsamic sesquiterpene-type notes, while Myrrh essential oil has a light, fresh topnote and comparatively little dry out note."[7] In perfumery and aromatic creations, it can lend a musky and subtly animalic character.

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Customer Reviews



This always reminds me of the smell of new toys at Christmas! LOL, your notes are like new plastic.

Review by Juan 10/3/2020

Walnuts and myrrh


To me this smells a lot like a combination of walnuts and myrrh, with maybe traces of linseed oil. I love it! It's pretty unique amongst the collection of naturals that I have. I can see this doing some very interesting things in compositions.

Review by Amy 6/18/2018

Beautiful complexity


This is one of the finest opopanax oils I’ve ever come across! It is drier and airier than others I have sampled, which gives it a uniquely sophisticated and complex scent profile. I usually work very delicately with opopanax for fear of it overwhelming all other ingredients. This particular offering is one I feel confident to use freely. It is strong, but not overpowering. It is a little sweet, a little spicy, a little resinous, a little vegetal, and completely beautiful. Perfectly unisex, I could see this essential oil being invaluable in both floral and woody perfumes alike. When used correctly, it gives your blends an aquatic “edge” like nothing else! Worth every penny.

Review by J 6/16/2017

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