Patchouli, Dark EO

Pogostemon cablin (Blanco) Benth.


Our very fine Patchouli – Dark has an aroma that is extremely rich, deep, earthy, sweet-herbaceous, and somewhat spicy, with ethereal, floral-sweet and wine-like top notes and a mellow, woody-balsamic body note.


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Product Overview

Our very fine Patchouli – Dark has an aroma that is extremely rich, deep, earthy, sweet-herbaceous, and somewhat spicy, with ethereal, floral-sweet and wine-like top notes and a mellow, woody-balsamic body note. Though characterized as an odd ball[1] in perfumery circles, versatile Patchouli blends well with most other oils and is used as a base note to add richness, depth and character while its outstanding fixative qualities impart strength and allure. Patchouli essential oil is often specifically distilled using metal stills to ensure the warm, dark color in the final product. For those who prefer it, our Patchouli – Light is distilled using non-reactive, stainless steel vessels and is free of iron coloration.

Pogostemon cablin is one of only a few plants that benefit from drying and ‘curing’ of the leaves prior to distillation, resulting in a better quality, higher yield of oil than that from fresh plant material.[2],[3] Among its many benefits, Patchouli has a particular affinity for the skin, helping improve the appearance of tone, aging, fine lines and wrinkles, and dry skin and scalp.[4]

Patchouli is a misunderstood oil that has received an undeserved reputation in recent decades. Author Lizzie Ostrom comments in Perfume: A Century of Scents, "Patchouli oil was the perfume that pretended it wasn’t. Unlike those ‘stuffy’ Diors and Guerlains that were made from a long list of ingredients, this was a natural product, which meant untampered by humans (allegedly) and therefore authentic – straight from the Earth."[5] She adds that Patchouli and other supposedly au naturel scents were a signature of the hippie generation of the 1960s. The Patchouli oils of the day, most of questionable origin and quality, were used to mask the odor of cannabis and to deliver an earthy, rebellious and sexy appeal. Lingering cultural associations still color the reaction of many to this richly-storied and complex oil.

An authentic and truly fine Patchouli oil has a rich and deeply mysterious fragrance that may not be appreciated by many who claim that they "do not like" its scent. Frankly, it is best to approach the aroma of Patchouli in diluted form, on a scent strip, or combined with other essential oils (especially florals), rather than at full strength or directly from the bottle. Keep in mind that when first distilled, Patchouli has a pungency that can be quite pronounced, however a good quality Patchouli oil mellows with age and, when properly stored for a prolonged period, deepens, becomes rich and alluring, developing long-lasting sultry effects – "that full, rich, and almost fruity note for which the best grades of patchouli oil are renowned and so highly esteemed by expert perfumers."[6]

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22 Reviews


Customer Reviews

Can barely smell it


I wish I had gotten a sample first but all of the patchouli dark I have ever purchased from Eden Botanicals in the past has been excellent. Unfortunately this one is a dud. It has a very faint aroma. It must have taken some foing to find such a weak example of patchouli. Word of warning, always get a sample first.

Review by Nell 1/12/2023



I am a fan of Patchouli and was curious, so I bought a sample to start out. Honestly I was very disappointed with this oil, it wasn’t dark or rich and heady but rather light and uninspiring.

Review by Claudinha 11/8/2022

Love lt


I AM A PATCHOULI ADDICT and this stuff is my favorite of any other brand!!! Love this!!!

Review by Happy Hilary 11/15/2018

Gorgeous, gorgeous, rich patchouli


Great value for the price. I was never a patchouli lover until I tried dark aged patchouli, and this one from Eden is one of the best. It's part earthy and part woody but not overly pungent or "dirty". More complex and smooth than fresher patchouli. Quite addictive on its own and you don't need too much in blends because it can pack quite a punch if you add too much. I blend it with vanilla notes for the ultimate comfort scent.

Review by CC 3/1/2018

Stronger, richer, deeper, and different from previous lots


This new lot#11 has a very rich, deep, decadent scent profile. I have 3 of the previous lots of dark patchouli to compare with and this new lot is both darker in color and longer lasting on a test strip. It’s impressively concentrated – an incredible value for a much loved oil. Upon first sniff I did find the aroma of lot#11 a little unfamiliar, it was much sweeter than previous distillations, and much earthier than any other dark patchouli I own. Straight from the bottle it is downright pungent, but it gets smoother once it’s on a fragrance strip. I also tested it on my skin. Both tests reveal a sweet, dark, leathery, root-like note that reminds me a little of nagarmotha and patchouli absolute. After the dry down begins, it becomes more golden, dark, and almost powdery. An elegant dirt note that emerges that would be perfect for forest recreations, agarwood perfumes, and anything requiring a complex base note. Every time I smell lot#11 I get a different impression, so it might be the most dynamic patchouli I’ve ever come across. Whereas previous lots of this oil have smelled more soft, dry, and herbal (even described by some as “leafy” “minty” or “velvety”), lot#11 is deep dark patchouli in all its glory. I contacted Eden’s customer service regarding the aroma and as always, they were very helpful. They kindly informed me that lots#8, 9, & 10 had been extracted in spring and summer whereas lot#11 was extracted in winter. Rainfall is another factor possibly affecting the aroma. The top notes are damp and fresh and very much alive. Almost like you’re sniffing the soaked patchouli plants while they’re still rooted in the dirt – a strong, earthy, primal, complex, atmospheric scent. Unfortunately a few of my formulas require a hefty dose of patchouli, and this new lot does change those aromas quite noticeably. Consistency is always an issue for creators of natural perfumes and products, and this is no exception. For those, like myself, looking for the familiar dry, mellow, herbal dark patchouli of the past few years, you might want to try some other patchoulis, or mix a few together. Lot#11 wasn’t really what I was looking for (a replacement for lots #8, 9, + 10 in my blends) but it has many desirable attributes that previous lots are missing. If you are able to use it in your work, I highly recommend you do so! You won’t find a deeper, stronger, or more complex dark patchouli around. That’s the magic of natural materials, they never stay stagnant! I’ve tested this new lot on several people so far, and it doesn’t fool patchouli-haters as easily as lot #8, 9 or 10 did, but most people were quite pleased with its aroma once it entered the dry down phase. If you like dark patchouli and you’re craving a deeper, darker, earthier, more interesting scent profile, lot#11 is the perfect choice. Like all of Eden Botanicals’ oils, it is of the highest quality and would be a great asset to any perfumer or aromatherapist.

Review by Pogostemon cablin 1/15/2018

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