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PLEASE NOTE: we are unable to ship this product internationally.

Our Cannabis (Hemp) essential oil from Italy has a strongly herbaceous, earthy, effervescent green aroma with a slightly bitter high note and a clean herbal body note. It is increasingly being used in natural perfumery for its unique and very tenacious odor character and its long herbaceous drydown. While there is limited information regarding its use in perfumery, there is evidence in perfume blogs as well as the industry that the pronounced aroma of Cannabis tends to be the dominant note in the compositions in which it is used, especially into the drydown. 

Those who may be hesitant to use steam distilled Cannabis (Hemp) essential oil should know that CBD (cannabidiol) and THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol) are considered non-volatiles and do not appear in the essential oil.[1] To verify, our in-house GC/MS analysis found no THC or CBD present in our current lot. The peculiar odor of Cannabis is not generated by these cannabinoids of low volatility, but from over one hundred terpenoid compounds that are thought to interact synergistically. Even in low concentrations, many of these terpenoids, such as citronellol and α-terpineol, are beneficial in aromatherapy applications. Franchomme and Pénoël note that Cannabis essential oil has no known contraindications.[2]

For those who wish to know botanical specifics, this French variety, “Futura 75”, is a monoecious plant that bears both male and female flowers and reaches a height of 2-3 meters.[3]

With so much to say about this plant - the molecules that compose it, and its legends and lore - we'll leave it to you to discover the magic Cannabis essential oil can add to your creations. In our 'May Blend Well With' section near the bottom of this page, we offer the oils we think will harmonize with Cannabis essential oil.

PLEASE NOTE: This oil is 100% pure and natural and appropriate for use in Aromatherapy and Natural Perfumery per our website and Certificate of Analysis (COA).

1 Mediaville, Vito and Simon Steinemann. "Essential oil of Cannabis sativa L. Strains," J International Hemp Association, 1997, 4(2): 80-82.

2 Franchomme, Pierre and Dr. Daniel Pénoël. L'Aromatherapie Exactement, 1990, p. 331.

3 Industry communication.

4 Private communication.

5 Tisserand, Robert and Rodney Young. Essential Oil Safety, 2nd ed., 2014, p. 300.

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8 Reviews


Customer Reviews

Aromatic and Helpful


Neck pain, headache, shoulder pain, and backache gone. Smells like absolute heaven even at a 5% blend...which is what healed all the above as I decanted it. I will be purchasing more.

Review by StarLight 4/1/2024

Outstanding Unusual Exquisite


Made a green perfumer alcohol based perfume (Vetiver base with mixed floral middle) this Cannabis EO is absolutely marvelous. Added this as the very last ingredient once the perfume is 99% together and am satisfied with it. I also add EdenBotanicals Green Cognac together with their Cannabis EO as top note combo. This last addition sits on top of lemon/orange/yuzu top notes. In my humble opinion the Cannabis/Green Cognac combo blends all the citrus top notes into a cohesive and very luscious green whole top note entity. It lends a very mysterious intriguing top note. Deepens the lemon, mellows the yuzu, folds in the orange, and adds the mystery of the Cannabis and Green Cognac all beautifully blended together. You do not need very much. A light hand is best imho.

Review by bw 9/11/2023

Check the COA Prior To Review


I read a lot of the reviews for this before purchasing and was equally surprised to find that this material doesn't last long in a blend at all and is easily overpowered. I'm still very pleased with aroma and believe that it can be manipulated to last longer in a blend, but I wish I had of read the COA prior and would invite all to do the same. Upon analysis of the COA you'll find that this material is mainly comprised of very volatile top notes with very few heart-base notes at all. This explains why it doesn't last very long and why the material easily get's, "swallowed" up by others in a blend. If you are not opposed to using aroma molecules in your structure and you want to extend the cannabis oil in your blend I would suggest purchasing caryophyllene acetate and cineole and adding them to the material to extend it's spicy/wood heart and possibly trace amounts of rosemary absolute. I would also suggest that you do not use many other top notes with this blend unless to accentuate the existing citrus notes already present in the cannabis oil. I'll be building an accord using the material and the other chemicals that are present in it, but it is good practice to read the Certificate of Analysis that Eden provides for each material before you purchase it so you have some working knowledge of how it will perform.

Review by Saint Dismas Parfums 10/12/2020



This does smell of the real thing to me but more like a fresh bud, my wife didn't think so but she has probably just smelled it burning. adds a nice top note to woody blends and a natural dirty green to florals although i need much more time to play with this one. potent to say the least turned 1ml into 5 ml 20% and its plenty.

Review by Norman 10/1/2019

Marvelous addition to pain blend


I had an eo pain blend that I had made waiting for me to use for the first time today~ so I added it to carrier oil and applied to calm down some rather intense menstrual cramps and.... barely anything. Desperate not to have to take ibuprofen as was my norm before, and really wanting to go the natural route~ I rummaged thru my sample-heavy collection of oils and came across the last 2 drops of this cannabis still in its sample container. Not thinking it would help that much~ especially for just 2 small drops in a 1/2 oz container of pain blend~ I thought it couldn’t hurt... well I tell you, and this is no exaggeration, the effect was IMMEDIATE.... no more heat, no more tenseness, no more searing pain~ I felt relaxed and incredibly soothed, I am still in shock right now after applying it for the second time (after many hours, as the effects have stood the entire day almost)~ I can’t believe how it has relieved this pain in my body so quickly. It is truly heaven scent (it smells so good in my blend) AND heaven sent, and I am so glad EB has this as an offering. I am back on the site for a bigger bottle and know I will never be without :)

Review by Helene 4/14/2018

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