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Helichrysum italicum (Roth) G.Don


Our organically grown Helichrysum is a stunningly beautiful and beneficial essential oil that makes an excellent addition to skin care formulas; its aroma is rich, pungent, warm, sweet herbaceous and very diffusive, with honey and tea-like, earthy undertones and possesses outstanding tenacity.


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Our organically grown Helichrysum is a stunningly beautiful and beneficial essential oil that makes an excellent addition to skin care formulas; its aroma is rich, pungent, warm, sweet herbaceous and very diffusive, with honey and tea-like, earthy undertones and possesses outstanding tenacity.

Helichrysum italicum means ‘golden sun of Italy’[3] and is evocative of the striking habitat of this plant in its bright maize-colored meadows. Immortelle is French for ‘immortal’ or ‘everlasting’ (two quite common names for Helichrysum) and refers to the straw-like flowers that appear living after they are dried, retaining a bright yellow color as if frozen in time. It is a plant that can grow in even the most depleted soils and under very harsh conditions, provided there is abundant sunshine.[4] This plant is part of the Asteraceae (daisy) family and is often called the ‘curry plant’ due to the pungent and unusual odor of the leaves. It is also the source of Immortelle Absolute – an important fragrance material in natural perfumery.

Helichrysum is an extremely versatile oil that has a rich spectrum of compounds; aromatherapy literature is filled with numerous mentions of its successful use in skin care. But because it is only within the last 20 years that Helichrysum has been distilled and in the last 10 years more widely distributed, it is very late to appear in the aromatherapists’ arsenals; thus, until recently, the amount of research on this oil has been very slim. What is known is that Helichrysum contains the highest known percentage of beta-diketones of any essential oil. Diketones, found only in Helichrysum italicum, are highly regarded as important constituents responsible in part for Helichrysum’s reputation for its many superlative skin care benefits.[5]

Helichrysum is best used highly diluted in skin care formulas for aging/mature, oily and sensitive skin in particular,[6] as well as in massage blends, leg lotions and chest rubs. It is important to note that it is most active when used in a synergistic blend with other essential oils.[7]

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Customer Reviews

fresh apples


I don't even know HOW I just smell apples. Juicy, herbaceous, honeyed, crisp apples. I added this to Eden Botanicals baobab oil for my huge scar on my belly, and it feels, looks, and smells like applesauce

Review by blake 5/5/2024

Wonderful fresh scent.


I was excited to try this scent as it is recommended in a couple of my books and wow I am very impressed. it is a bit expensive but you won't need much for sure. This company is awesome; They got my order to me in three days. Very impresses esp with free shipping. I haven't had a chance to try it yet but the smell is beautiful. i am so glad I ordered this.

Review by Catherine 5/1/2024

Varicose Veins!


While I see pregnancy is a contraindication, my acupuncturist recommend this to me for a coupe brutal veins that materialized during my pregnancy. Wow!! I’d rub it in and watch it dissipate for the day. Also helped with a coworkers black eyes after nasal surgery. I was a huge skeptic that a topical oil could have such visible results. Not cheap, but nothing else had provided such relief.

Review by Mer 8/28/2020

swiss army knife


This is the swiss army knife of essential oils: skin injuries, wounds, rashes you name it. I carry the bottle in my purse along with lavender - my little first aid kit. Many a time, I have helped people with scraped knees and other skin trauma. One lady even called to thank me for putting that amazing oil on her toddler's knee. I used a little bit neat, all was well. This variation is from Croatia in the past I have used the oil from Corsica, which I prefer, but the Croatian variety works wonders as well.

Review by Chana S. 4/22/2016

The Scar Dissolver


THIS oil is quite the go-getter! Fresh out of the 1/16 oz bottle, I IMMEDIATELY recognize this dry, floral note. The only other time I have come across this is the Eden's Cistus traditional. It's that top note where they are very similar. Pretty herby heart notes and spice like almost curry type base notes. Alone this oil is quite different, but this really shined in my "irritated skin" blend. Great for knocking scar tissue down a peg and regenerating new skin. My skin is so smooth again thanks to this lovely stuff! Ground this oil out with some carrot seed for a boom-bang skin healer. I recommend the lavender and chamomile combo for burns, but this and the carrot seed FOR SURE are great for scar tissue dissolving and overall skin renewal. Very nice choice since it's organic too! Thank you much Eden!

Review by MD 5/3/2015

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