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Rosa x damascena Mill.


Our organic Bulgarian Rose Otto is a very fine quality-distilled essential oil from the region best known for producing the world’s premium roses – the Valley of the Roses in Central Bulgaria. This oil is sourced from a family business founded there in 1909.


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Our organic Bulgarian Rose Otto is a very fine quality-distilled essential oil from the region best known for producing the world’s premium roses – the Valley of the Roses in Central Bulgaria. This oil is sourced from a family business founded there in 1909. Extremely complex, sweet and full-bodied, it is fresh, warm, deeply floral and rich with hints of soft citrus zest, faint pepper and earthy green body notes and a muted waxy undertone – a truly sublime Rose Otto and one of the finest we have ever carried!

With their multi-petaled intricacy, it is no surprise that Rose essential oils and absolutes are among plant essences with the most chemical complexity. And while many of the more than 400 chemical constituents[1] of Rosa damascena are present in mere trace amounts, they contribute immensely to the rich and nuanced fragrance we know as Rose. Only 1 kilo (2.2 pounds) of Rose Otto is obtained from 4500 kilos (about 9900 pounds) of freshly harvested Rose petals.[2]

“For its perfume, the Rose reigns supreme amongst the flowers of the world.”[3] Beloved since ancient times, Homer and Pliny, Ovid and Virgil refer especially to the Rose being esteemed more for its perfume than for its beauty.[4] The first distillation of Rose oil was probably by the Arabs in 500 CE, although ancient drawings show primitive stills as far back as 10,000 BCE.[5] In its more recent history, it is believed by many historians that Rosa damascena was brought to the town of Kazanlak in Bulgaria by a Turkish immigrant to cultivate in his own garden around the time Kazanlak was founded in 1420.

In addition to its varied applications in aromatherapy, our organic Bulgarian Rose Otto is perfect in premium skincare formulations and in fine perfumery compositions. Known as the oil of love, the comforting and inspiring aroma of Rose oil is said to encourage the metaphorical “opening of the heart.” It is especially esteemed for promoting spiritual wellbeing, creating a peaceful ambiance, and as an excellent companion to meditation practices.

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Customer Reviews

rose otto


the best ever took a wiff and I am hooked

Review by Vernessa 12/1/2022

Worth every penny


Like sunshine in a bottle, Just a happy, happy oil. Bright with citrus notes. Divine. I've tried other organic Bulgarian rose ottos and they just don't compare to this.

Review by Lena 12/3/2014



Sweet, potent and intoxicating. Very intense and concentrated. One of the brightest roses I have ever smelled. It sparkles with berries, fruit and honey. It is a light versus a deep rose smell, but not light in strength, but weight. I'm in love with this delicious beauty. Thanks EB!

Review by Asgarde 5/23/2014

Impression on this rose


I tried all of the Eden Roses. Here I will note the differences. First of all, it is important, I find to not smell things for at least a day in order to really take apart the differences. At two in the morning, with no scent of food in the air, or other daily perfumes, I put a bit on different parts of my body. This rose to me is more of a honey rose. The Rose Otto White Organic was so slightly peppery, super slight, but more of bouquet of roses. The solvent extracted Rose Absolute from Morroco, to me was more heady, mature, darker, woody.

Review by Kimberly 4/26/2014

Bulgarian rose otto


Effortless Beauty; In a bottle. I recommend fractions of a drop in an oil burner (Think 1/3 of a drop) To fully appreciate the indescribable, intoxicating scent complexity and sophistication nature has to offer.

Review by B 12/21/2013

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