Chamomile, Blue - Organic EO

Matricaria recutita L. (synonym of Matricaria chamomilla L.)


Our beautiful organic German Blue Chamomile essential oil, with its characteristic deep azure blue color, has a warm, sweet, full-bodied herbaceous aroma. Chamazulene, a blue-pigmented sesquiterpene, can


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Our beautiful organic German Blue Chamomile essential oil, with its characteristic deep azure blue color, has a warm, sweet, full-bodied herbaceous aroma. Chamazulene, a blue-pigmented sesquiterpene, can only be formed in the intense heat of distillation from the parent chemical, matricin, a constituent found in the raw plant material, specifically the flowers.[1]

German Blue Chamomile, along with Roman Chamomile, are two of the most widely used herbs in the world. Chamazulene and (-)α-bisabolol (a sesquiterpene alcohol) are considered to be the primary constituents in Blue Chamomile oil responsible for its effects. The cooling and chamazulene-rich oils, that also include Blue Tansy and Blue Yarrow, are revered for their complex aromas and skincare benefits. Blue Chamomile is a popular fruity-floral addition to skin creams and massage blends, however, be prepared for the green-to-blue color it will impart.

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3 Arctander, Steffen. Perfume and Flavor Materials of Natural Origin, 1960, p. 155.

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This Blue Chamomile is one of the best! It blends well and is absolutely amazing on the skin. The smell is pleasantly aromatic

Review by All Things O'Natural 3/11/2016

Oil massage


The best oil ever blue chamomile fragance for body massage. Gives a beautiful body odour. I use once a week and my body smells good.

Review by Jahan 2/18/2016

Worth every penny


My poor 5 month old baby has had severe dry red cheeks that were starting to weep. Lavender and frankincense weren't doing the job, so I ordered this chamomile... 2 drops in 1 oz almond oil (added to the 2 drops Lavender and 1 drop frankincense) and it's like night and day! I wish I had a before and after picture! And the smell is so amazing. It'll be a EO staple for sure.

Review by Sonya 12/6/2015

can't stop sniffing


I don't think I can rave enough about EB's product. I'm seriously hooked. I have an organic Moroccan blue chamomile from a different company that I love for the bright green apple notes but it has a funky sweetness the base I find myself wanting to cover when I put it into blends. This has a similar fruity brightness that reminds me more of honey with hints of hay and cinnamon, but none of the "under-funk." I find myself sniffing it again and again to uncover more notes. So yummy.

Review by Lena 12/3/2014

Soothing for my rosacea


I bought it with perfumery in mind, but given that it is such an unusually mild oil I thought I would try its anti-inflammatory properties on my rosacea. A tiny amount in my neutral moisturizer is enough to tint it slightly blue and give off a strong scent, which I do not find unpleasant. Even more pleasant was the surprise that my skin did "calm down" noticeably after just two days. I will probably keep using it, if not everyday, then at least regularly or to manage flare-ups. A small miracle considering pretty much everything but clean water irritates my facial skin and no meds I've tried have improved it (although cooled green tea helps too, and of course avoiding the sun and other triggers).

Review by M. 7/18/2014

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