Neroli, Egypt - Organic EO

Citrus aurantium var. amara L. (synonym of Citrus x aurantium L.)


Our extraordinary organic Neroli essential oil from Egypt has a very powerful, yet light and uplifting floral aroma with an unusual fresh, sweet, terpene-like, subtle bitter green top note; it is our most complex Neroli and displays exquisite fresh white floral notes.


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Our extraordinary organic Neroli essential oil from Egypt has a very powerful, yet light and uplifting floral aroma with an unusual fresh, sweet, terpene-like, subtle bitter green top note; it is our most complex Neroli and displays exquisite fresh white floral notes. Arctander points out that Neroli essential oil is probably one of the most frequently used florals in perfume compounding[1], cost not withstanding due to the fact that it takes 2.2 pounds (1 kilo) of blossoms to yield only 1 gram (about 1 milliliter) of essential oil.[2] It is found in the top notes of some of the most famous classic perfumes.[3] Precious oils like Neroli are the most likely to be adulterated, therefore we now verify the chemical analysis through a third-party testing lab.

The blossoms come from the Bitter Orange tree (Citrus aurantium var. amara), a resilient evergreen that belongs to the Rutaceae family; these are the same flowers that are used to extract Orange Blossom Absolute. The Bitter Orange is also the source of expressed oil from the peel, and Petitgrain essential oil steam distilled from the leaves. Two constituents present in Neroli in minute amounts are worth noting: N-methyl anthranilate - with its sweet and fruity nuances, and indole - a compound found in animal feces that perfumers use in imperceptible amounts for its erotic nature.[4] Flower oils truly represent the highest expression of beauty the botanical world has to offer.

Orange Blossom (Neroli) was first introduced as a fashionable scent near the end of the 17th century by Marie-Anne de La Trémoille, Duchess of Bracciano, later known as the Princess of Nerola. She loved the scent of orange blossoms and used it to perfume her clothes, gloves and bath; since then, this beautiful essence has been known as Neroli.[5] Today Neroli essential oil is widely used in perfumery and skincare, particularly in formulations for dry and mature skin. The comforting aroma is lovely in nighttime sprays, relaxing baths, massage blends and diffusers.

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2 Rhind, Jennifer Peace. Fragrance and Wellbeing - Plant Aromatics and Their Influence on the Psyche, 2014, p. 297.

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Customer Reviews

Exquisite Neroli Egypt


I ordered this Neroli Egypt based on the wonderful and thorough review below (thank you David). It is absolutely exquisite. I prefer to keep it simple with complex and beautiful oils like this - as perfume I just mix it with a little carrier oil and dab it. It is ever so subtle and inspirational.

Review by Maria Eliza 4/18/2021

The best Neroli in the world & for the trained nose


I've adored Neroli for many years, since first ordering 10ml of basic "Neroli" from EG, and it's great with multidimensional base-to-freely-high notes. I came to EB to order Rose Otto when I read about the different offers of Neroli, which is my top 3 favorites that includes Sandalwood from India, Rose Otto from Bulgaria and Neroli from Egypt. Neroli from Egypt, in my opinion, smells exactly like the orange blossoms on my Citrus Aurantium trees growing in my back yard. The blossoms are super bright and I've searched the world for a Neroli that at least matches the fantastically gorgeous fragrance from my home's trees. I've distilled good batches from my trees and haven't captured the scent from the blossoms ON the tree. In my opinion, the blossoms lose half their complexity once picked from the trees, regardless of how I harvest them. Neroli from Egypt from EB is the ONLY Neroli that I've found that is exactly like the scent from the orange trees on my property in south Florida and that's a "major" statement from me. What it does: for the aroma, it enlivens & delights even the most stubborn man who says "oils are greasy and messy", not for Egypt's Neroli, he adds it to his daily hair & skincare resulting in me being able to smell Egypt Neroli often and resulting in his business meetings going extremely well (I also add drops to his suits & socks when he travels, especially internationally), for a man who doesn't particularly like any essential oil, I'm glad he chose one of my top 3! I use this in skincare for my Hairless Chinese Cresteds every morning resulting in super healthy skin & checkups. I use this on my skin in the mornings before coffee resulting in anti-aging & clear complexion, in the evenings before bed in a "Galen's cold cream" base that is always freshly made. I use this in my hair before going to meetings & appointments resulting in happy people all around me, certainly drawn to Neroli Egypt, to talk. I use this on my cuffs, collar, on my new AML's steering wheel & carpet while driving resulting in calm south Florida traffic weaving, clarity in quick decisions & always beginning each drive with my 2 year old car's new natural car smell (My car is English made so the scent is heavy in leather tannins, which I like and this neroli doesn't change the overall scent/experience) as neroli dissipates completely within a day. I use Neroli Egypt on any skin blemish resulting in its vanquish! After using Neroli Egypt for a long time, my moods are consistently uplifted and I'm always a heartbeat away from laughing, with a smile, I attribute this botanical miracle to a healthy quality of life & lifestyle. Most other Neroli I've used have a pepper top note actually causing others to sneeze on occasion which resulted in me not using neroli for quite some time, until I purchased 2 ounces of this and now I keep it in stock and use it sparingly as well as the super rare Sandalwood from India, I meter each drop! Since I rarely write a review on any product or service, I have to mention EB's Petitgrain Sur Fleur & Rose Otto white, Bulgaria, Turkey & Lavender high elevation which is the first lavender I actually like; the Petitgrain Sur Fleur is the most unique Petitgrain I've ever used and I've always thought Petitgrain was WAY too bitter to use on its own reserving its use for few drops in diffuser only, except not EB Petitgrain Sur Fleur! EB Petitgrain Sur Fleur is so fantastic that I'll often use it as a personal scent as I use Neroli Egypt and Indian Sandalwood. I certainly keep it in stock and use it often. Rose Otto Bulgaria is almost the same scent as the old roses growing in my gardens, so close so I keep it in stock at my home whereas Otto Turkey is somewhat more cost effective and just as therapeutic as Bulgaria. Rose Otto White is just like the rose blossoms growing in my garden and EB currently can't keep it in stock and I certainly will continue to purchase it when it's available. I've not really enjoyed any lavender until I purchased high elevation EB lavender which truly smells like the flowers growing on the plant before picking as Neroli Egypt matches the blossoms growing on the trees before picking them. I recommend these. P. S. My hairless Chinese Cresteds often develop clogged pores from a combination of the sun down here, their shirts and the sunblock they have to wear daily, Neroli Egypt is the best curative & preventative I've ever used, much like Helichrysum Italicum, Rose Otto Bulgaria and/or the dissolving power or jojoba though I strictly only use Eden Botanicals' Sunflower as a carrier for my family. Thanks EB! Top notch quality from the most discerning nose around, David.

Review by David Voila 6/10/2016



I read an article on the ‘miracle’ of Neroli Oil a short time back on the BottomLinePublications website (link below) and immediately ordered a small vial of the organic Neroli oil from Eden Botanicals. I started the protocol outlined in the article – except I ONLY inhaled the oil through the vial every morning in addition to inhaling the oil for about 2-3 minutes in the early evening each day since then. The results have been astounding. Within one week of starting the protocol my hot flashes completely stopped. I haven't had a single hot flash now for going on three weeks. Before this I’d been suffering through hot flashes for almost two years and had tried a variety of different “natural” remedies, black cohosh among them, to no avail. Do you think any of my medical team would offer this as a suggestion: my gyn, my internist, my naturopath? Not a one! I cannot begin to tell you how much relief this has provided. Not to mention the benefits for my husband. My sleep has improved due to no nocturnal flashes as well and I'm finally back to waking only once a night. Ahhh… This is a game-changer. I'm telling everyone I know. If I could I'd shout it from the rooftops!

Review by 'Hot' Mama 10/30/2014

Most Amazing and Unique Neroli


This Neroli has such an amazing and unique character to it. It seems like most Neroli you find is very one dimensional and very floral, this Neroli on the other hand is very multi-dimensional. Just like its described, it is very deep, with base layers all the way up to very high florals. Yet embedded deep within is almost a candy like sweetness with citrus highlights. I am super impressed and to be honest didn't know what to think when i first smelt it. This was because i have only smelt the basic Neroli that doesn't truly match up to this superb oil.

Review by Brady 3/5/2013

The best version of Neroli EB carries


This Neroli is super delicate and beautiful. It's suitable in a blend and it's also good on its own. Mix a few drops in a small amount of pure organic jojoba oil and rub on pulse points. A great, simple perfume.

Review by L2013 2/14/2013

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