We have curated some of best educational texts to help you blend extraordinary natural perfumes, create synergistic aromatherapy blends and to develop your olfactory senses.

Absolutes are solvent extracted and contain a high density of colorants, waxes and other constituents and have a highly concentrated aroma.
Essential Oils
Essential Oils are steam distilled from a wide variety of botanicals or in the case of citrus, can be cold pressed.
CO2 Extracts
CO2 Extracts are more comparable to Essential Oils though are extracted using CO2 (carbon dioxide) gas under pressure at ambient temperatures.
Explores the concept of synergy, and gives practical guidance on how to build aromatherapy blends effectively and safely.
Originally a correspondence course and textbook for Ayala Moriel’s professional four-year natural perfumery program, updated with an abundance of new material.
Comprehensive guide and an inspiring resource for anyone interested in creating artisanal perfume at home.
Explores how anyone, especially those interested in fragrance, aromatherapy or natural perfumery, can develop their sense of smell.