Sandalwood - Plantation Grown EO

Santalum album L.


We are very excited to have come across a most excellent Santalum album essential oil, this time from Australia, with an aroma that is very much like the classic Mysore Sandalwood from India – yet another beautiful Sandalwood essential oil to add to our offerings.


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We are very excited to have come across a most excellent Santalum album essential oil, this time from Australia, with an aroma that is very much like the classic Mysore Sandalwood from India – yet another beautiful Sandalwood essential oil to add to our offerings. This could very well be the Sandalwood oil well worth setting aside for aging: its aroma is very deep, soft, sweet-woody, with a very long, full-bodied, balanced, extremely sweet and creamy-smooth drydown. If nothing else, get a sample to check out this beauty, but fair warning – be prepared to swoon and be hooked!

(Previously known as Sandalwood - Fine)

This Sandalwood essential oil comes from trees that are plantation grown using sustainable practices. In addition, replanting occurs on a continuing basis, thus it is guaranteed ethically harvested. This oil is composed for the most part of a sesquiterpene alcohol – α-santalol[1] – a compound that gives viscosity and a woody aroma as well as being responsible for much of the beneficial effects.[2]

The Sandalwood essential oil most recognized is distilled from Santalum album in the Mysore region of India. It is an alarming fact that Mysore Sandalwood has endured severe population decline and genetic impoverishment (i.e., become nearly extinct) due to decades of over-harvesting, mismanagement of forests and illegal poaching – all driven by lucrative global demand. This is good news and bad news. The bad news is that high value plus harvesting restrictions are powerful incentives for the development of synthetics and the routine adulteration of genuine Sandalwood oils.[3] The good news is that this near tragedy created a new industry in other regions for cultivating various species of Sandalwood (including S. album) using more sustainable practices – a successful strategy for redirecting market pressure away from this precious botanical. Sandalwood, an exquisitely fragrant and praiseworthy tree, like the majestic elephant, has been nearly loved to death. May your usage of Sandalwood be mindful, and may you be present in the magnificence of every application.

Eden Botanicals sources a wide variety of sustainably harvested Santalum species from reputable suppliers in different geographical regions that we are sure will enchant and delight even the most discriminating Sandalwood lovers and natural perfumers. Sandalwood oil is beneficial in targeted skincare preparations and facial serums to improve the appearance of aging, dry, or congested skin. The divine aroma inspires an ambiance of peaceful contemplation and lends elevating and centering properties to meditation and incense blends.

1 Industry communication.

2 Bowles, E. Joy. The Chemistry of Aromatherapeutic Oils, 3rd ed., 2003, pp. 75-6.

3 Turin, Luca. The Secret of Scent: Adventures in Perfume and the Science of Smell, 2006, p. 77.

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Customer Reviews



This is the first time experiencing Santalum Album and I am blown away. I can tell that this is the sandalwood that many perfumes and colognes use or synthesize. In fact, this Sandalwood almost immediately reminded me of the old discontinued Gucci Rush for men. Up front and at first, plantation grown Santalum Album is softer and more subdued as opposed to the immediate full-bodied intensity of Santalum Paniculatum (Royal Hawaiian, my other personal favorite sandalwood). It comes off creamy and soft while quickly unfolding it's woody, sensuous embrace. Seriously, this one is aphrodisiac SUPREME. The payoff is in the drydown which I find to be the longest of all sandalwoods. Absolutely hands down gorgeous LOVE IT YAS YAS YASSS lol. Well done curating this one, Eden B! <3

Review by Fredo Biggins 11/23/2020

Yes! This Is A Good Oil For Aging.


This oil is pretty good. A little green. A little “snapped branch” smell. But ok. But.... About 2 1/2 years ago I put 3g of deer musk in an ounce of this oil. After it macerated 14 months I started using it. Definitely enhanced by the musk but still not special. I used about half the ounce, wasn’t thrilled, and put it away and forgot about it for nearly a year. Today, after testing a swipe of vanilla I’ve been tincturing, I happened to dig this out and rubbed a fingertip’s worth over the vanilla. Oh my goodness gracious me! Something magical happened. The quiet green little oil became rough, tough, spicy, balmy, maybe even a bit of Kyara-ish showstopping focus-enhancing wowie-zowie! (Not saying it smells like kyara.) Buy this oil. Macerate good stuff in it. (I’ve got saffron working now.) Age it a long time. Learn patience. You will be rewarded.

Review by Larry K. 7/23/2019

Wonderful for skin


I suffer from hyperpigmentation. I used this eo and I've seen my dark patches fade within a month. Its worked more efficiently than any other bleach cream. This was my first time buying sandalwood. I am verrrry pleased with smell and benefits. I love all the eo's I've purchased from this company.

Review by Clay 10/23/2018

Too young.


This review is based on oil I purchased approximately one year ago (Lot 1), which has sat untouched in proper storage since arrival. As many other reviewers note, this Sandalwood - Plantation Grown has quite an abundance of green, somewhat obtuse and borderline foul top notes. In dilution it takes about a good hour to get through them. Underneath, you do arrive at a nice, creamy/lactonic, almost tropical base (pineapple/peach and Lotus facets) with hints of saline/beach air, but it feels like this oil is going to need some patient maturation before it's wondrous from tip to toe. I had hoped to be using this sooner than later, but it's a bit tough and fickle to wrangle. Assessed against a sample of recently acquired Sandalwood - Rare (India), this Sandalwood - Plantation Grown pales in comparison. If you're looking for a sandalwood that's immediately ready for pleasure, I would suggest the extra expense.

Review by CR 12/7/2017



I didn't love this on first smell because it wasn't what I imagined/remembered sandalwoods to be. I've found it to be it's own thing though. Today I just pulled out a many months old diluted sample and was really surprised at how it had bloomed and grown in the FCO. This Sandalwood has a light clean, green smell to it and really has minty, almost Palo Santo notes after a few minutes on the skin before settling down to a soft, dusty, and long powdery dry out. Incredibly tenacious when compared to its initial smell. This doesn't pack an up-front punch, but in a blend it is surprisingly tenacious and active. I'm someone whose body chemistry burns through both Labdanum and Frankincense pretty quickly, but this hangs around on my skin 10-12 hours after application. Like a couple of other reviewers I too remember the days of flowing rivers of quality Sandalwood. I would gladly pay dearly now for what would have been a $5.00 bottle of cheap Spiritual Sky sandalwood then. Even EB's Sandalwood Rare, as beautiful, deep and sweet as it is, can't compare to what we used to be able to take for granted. Over harvesting is a sad, sad thing and its just as awful to watch the same thing happening to Agarwood. I don't consider the Plantation Grown oil to be a replacement for old-fashioned Santalum Album, but as another tool entirely. I'm sure it will age into something really interesting.

Review by Jeff 11/14/2017

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