Cognac, Green EO

Vitis vinifera L.


Our Green Cognac (Vitis vinifera) essential oil is an intriguing middle to base note perfumery component; its aroma is powerful, dry, tart, and wine-like, with intense diffusiveness and notes of green apple.


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Product Overview

Our Green Cognac (Vitis vinifera) essential oil is an intriguing middle to base note perfumery component; its aroma is powerful, dry, tart, and wine-like, with intense diffusiveness and notes of green apple. When well diluted, it brightens and provides lift, adds a fresh, fruity aspect, and imparts tenacity to perfume compositions.

Cognac is a specialty oil that is highly recommended for natural perfumers. Green Cognac essential oil is produced from the wine precipitate known as ‘lees’ – the yeasty residue left at the bottom of the oak barrels after fermentation and aging of Cognac. Yeast autolysis occurs as dead yeast cells break down, contributing intriguing aromas that make some expensive vintage wines so highly regarded. Fresh lees have been shown to increase important aromatic esters and reduce unwanted aldehydes.[1] But whether from grapes to wine or from plant to essential oil, wines and perfumes are similarly subject to the concept of terroir – the variables in soil, climate, and other environmental factors that collaborate to obtain the maximum quality and aroma in the finished product.

Distillation in copper stills is a tradition that has almost disappeared with the advent of stainless steel – the gem-like, emerald color of our Green Cognac essential oil comes from oxidation that only occurs when the oil comes in contact with the copper walls of the still.[2]

Please note that the aroma of Green Cognac essential oil is one that is difficult to ascertain directly from a bottle or vial. To more accurately assess and be able to truly experience the myriad nuances of this oil (any aromatic oil, actually!), please apply a very small amount to the end of a Fragrance Tester Strip – this exposes the oil to air for the ‘drydown’ – the process of allowing the oil to evaporate, making possible the appraisal of the aroma as it evolves during evaporation and until the scent no longer remains.


2 Industry communication.

3 Arctander, Steffen. Perfume and Flavor Materials of Natural Origin, 1960, pp. 186-7.

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Customer Reviews



I love this oil, it smells floral and earthy. A little goes a long way.

Review by philip 4/1/2023

Hit to the Dome


I put a couple of drops on a tissue as a low-budget diffuser, and placed it on a shelf on the stairs leading to the finished basement. 2+ hours later it was so intense I could not walk by without my eyes watering and my head throbbing. I wanted to wait until the dry down but I don't smell any apples or cotton candy. It does make me feel hung over. Be careful. On the other hand, I poured the entire sample of the litsea cubeba on a tissue and it smells excellent and lemongrass candy-like.

Review by BigTree 6/20/2020



This is an eo that is used to add a little QI to a blend. I've made two of my own blends with Cognac, Absolute Sin and Absolute Divine.

Review by Helena 10/7/2017

A New addition to my armory of Forest Essences


I am new to this scent and find the apple hints quite lovely - I use it sparingly in a blend specifically created to conjure the scent of an October forest hike: the tang of fallen apples on the ground, along with vetiver, patchouli, tobacco to bring to mind moist soil and decaying leaves - that unforgettable fragrance of Autumn.

Review by Jennifer 10/11/2016

Purchased a Sample


I ordered a sample with my order. The color is beautiful. The top note was something I did not like at all. I opened it up and it smelled very cheesy. I put it away and tried a few days later. I've been trying to give it a shot for a few days, but it has a funky cheese smell, like bleu cheese or parm. I can smell something a little more juicy and fresh underneath, but I am overwhelmed by the funk. Notes from the oils room at Eden: Cognac, Green is a very strong, distinct scent, definitely not for everyone, and that includes the Staff here at Eden! However, it is often utilized in small quantities to add 'lift' to the top notes in your natural perfume.

Review by Maria 9/2/2016

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