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Rhododendron adamsii Rehder


Our Siberian Rhododendron essential oil has a green, woody/leafy, wine-like body note with distinct fruity top notes and great natural freshness. While most of the Rhododendron essential oil found in the market is from the Rhododendron anthopogon species from the Himalayan mountains of Nepal


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Product Overview

Our Siberian Rhododendron essential oil has a green, woody/leafy, wine-like body note with distinct fruity top notes and great natural freshness. While most of the Rhododendron essential oil found in the market is from the Rhododendron anthopogon species from the Himalayan mountains of Nepal – a fine oil with many aromatherapy applications – the R. adamsii species of Siberian origin is noted for its unique, fruity/berry top note that is prized by natural perfumers. Essential oil from leaves and stems of R. adamsii contains 4-phenyl-2-butanone, the structure of which is similar to that of the so-called ‘raspberry ketone’ 4(4-hydroxyphenyl)-2-butanone, which is used by the fragrance industry.[5]

Rhododendron adamsii grows high in the Sayan Mountains, a range located in southern Siberia, Russia (the Tyva Republic specifically) and northern Mongolia.[1],[2] Plants grow wild in ecologically clean areas near Lake Baikal in out-of-the-way places at an altitude of 5000-6500 feet above sea level. Leaves and young stems are manually harvested and carried down from the mountains for distillation.[3] Efforts to cultivate Rhododendron adamsii so far have not been successful – these plants appear to thrive only in the mountainous areas surrounding Lake Baikal where soil, air and microclimate are so unique.[4]

R. adamsii is considered to be a rare and vulnerable species, thus it is currently under regional protection. Environmental policies aimed at optimizing natural resources management in the Lake Baikal ecosystem have been implemented to protect the area’s biodiversity.[6] In light of this, R. adamsii oil is one we will not purchase in large quantities in order to help ensure the environmental sustainability of the plants from which we source.

Our specific Rhododendron oil is an unusual offering that will probably always have limited availability. But it is a rare and special treat that is sure to inspire creativity in natural perfumes and aromatherapy formulas.

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Customer Reviews

Stunning resemblance to Japanese drink "Salty Lychee"


Right out the bottle, all the other reviews here have pretty much said it all, but the one thing I'd add is if any of you have ever had a drink called "Salty Lychee" found in Japanese supermarkets whether in Japan or here in the United States, this is exactly it. Fruity lychee and salty electrolytes (the "metallic" impression said by others personally reminds me of electrolyte drinks). Completely fascinating material and, yes, it smells good.

Review by Reiu 8/5/2023

Unique, alluring, exotic rhododendron


I have been using the more widely-available rhododendron anthopogon oil for years, so I was of course intrigued by Eden's less conventional offering of oil distilled from rhododendron adamsii. I was honestly expecting a superior quality version of the oil with which I was already familiar, as I have come to expect top quality from Eden's offerings, but I was completely caught off guard by the completely unique odor profile of this rhododendron! As others have mentioned, it is a surprisingly floral, wine-like scent, with hints of various juicy fruits during the drydown. In the background is the spicy-balsamic scent reminiscent of the familiar rhododendron anthopogon, but that is just a small facet of this oil's profile. Very unique odor profile that blends well, yet makes an alluring and exotic fragrance on its own.

Review by MPW 7/1/2023

Stunning floral


This is one of the best floral notes I've ever had the pleasure of smelling. It's gorgeous, ethereal, elegant and clean smelling. If you haven't tried this you absolutely need to get some to sample, it will surely become one of your favorite oils. It really is unlike any other floral. A real gem.

Review by Adam 1/18/2023

Beautiful but too metallic for me


I want to 100% love this oil because everything about it is so beautiful, but the metal note comes on strong for me when I apply it neat. Added to liquid soap it smells quite nice, but this oil is so rare and precious that I'd prefer to use it in a different way. When I put it on my wrists I get notes of fruit mixed with iron/blood. Strong enough that I have trouble enjoying the fruit smell..

Review by EM 11/21/2019

Love this


I've been using Rhododendron essential oil from another source for the past year. I use it in my foaming hand soap with sweet orange essential oil. I use in my pain relief massage oil that I make and in my shampoo. I got this oil in the past month and it is the best Rhododendron I have used thus far. I am amazed at the sweet, comforting aroma that this gives to the soaps and message oils I make. I hope Eden Botanicals continues to carry this amazing oil. So happy with all my purchases from Eden's so far.

Review by Mary 4/25/2019

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