Ylang Ylang, Fine - Organic EO

Cananga odorata var. genuina [synonym of Cananga odorata (Lam.) Hook.f. & Thomson]


Our organic Ylang Ylang, Fine is an elegant floral with impressive depth, persistence and character - the aroma is intensely sweet, creamy, heady, and slightly spicy with soft balsamic undertones.  Ylang Ylang, Fine is ideal for use in natural perfumery, but also shines brightly in aromatherapy applications


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Our organic Ylang Ylang, Fine is an elegant floral with impressive depth, persistence and character - the aroma is intensely sweet, creamy, heady, and slightly spicy with soft balsamic undertones.  Ylang Ylang, Fine is ideal for use in natural perfumery, but also shines brightly in aromatherapy applications where the aroma has the ability to transform with its elevating qualities.

Ylang Ylang’s heady, floral intensity is why it is unfairly referred to as “poor man’s Jasmine” – at a comparatively modest price it is one of the finest aromatic materials in the perfume industry. A deeply rich fragrance in itself, Ylang Ylang is a star ingredient in the natural perfumer’s palette, immortalized in many timeless fragrances, including Chanel No. 5 and Guerlain’s Samsara. The lively aroma elevates other florals it is blended with while imparting volume, texture, and a bit of mystery.

The name Ylang Ylang appears to come from the Filipino language, from the vernacular ‘Alang-ilang’ by which name this tropical, evergreen tree is known in most of the provinces of the Philippines, its native origin.[2] The trees are now cultivated almost exclusively in a tiny corner of the Indian Ocean – The Comoros Archipelago and Madagascar – where the steam-distilled oil from the large, drooping, highly aromatic flowers is a major export.  

The ‘Extra’ fraction of Ylang Ylang essential oil, believed to have the finest odor for perfumery, is the first of four fractional distillates that are separated by distillation time and/or density (specific gravity). The subsequent ‘First’ and ‘Second’ medium density fractions contain increasing amounts of sesquiterpene hydrocarbons and are used in cosmetics and body care products. The ‘Third’ and lightest-density fraction is typically used to fragrance soaps, candles and incense. Ylang Ylang ‘Complete’ is technically the result of a continuous distillation of 18 hours or more, rendering a full spectrum, non-fractionated (complete) oil. Ylang Ylang Complete is the preferred oil for aromatherapy applications, however perfumers and high-end soap makers may also appreciate its complexity.

To richly experience Ylang Ylang with its voluptuous and sultry aroma, Tisserand suggests combining it with Clary Sage for a deeply relaxing bath. [4] Such is the euphoric power of Ylang Ylang’s sensual and comforting aroma, ideal in body and linen sprays, cosmetics, and hair, scalp, and skincare preparations, particularly for oily, congested or mature skin. The sweetly scented bouquet is a calming favorite, perfectly suited for adding into a diffuser or massage and bath oils before bed.

DILUTION NOTE: When this material is diluted in perfumer’s alcohol, there may be cloudiness (please see Appearance section below). Guenther explains: “The solubility of Ylang Ylang oil, in general, is poor. This statement applies to all qualities (fractions). Usually from 0.5 to 3 [percent by] volume of 95 percent alcohol [is] required to give a clear solution, which often becomes cloudy on addition of more alcohol.”[5] If cloudiness occurs, this precipitates upon standing and can be filtered out, leaving a perfectly clear dilution.

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Customer Reviews



Hypnotic and charming ... this is the floral heart of many luxury women's fragrances. (Elizabeth Taylor Diamonds collection) ...

Review by Juan 10/2/2020

fine refined ylang


This ylang is softer, refined and with less phenolic smell than others. I don't get any vanilla or otherworldly smell, than a a more beautiful typical ylang.

Review by imma 3/9/2020

radiant and grand


I encountered this scent in the Art of Botanical Perfume essence kit and it threw me off my feet. I have smelled Ylang Ylang before and never quite care for it but this one is different. My first thought was, this is beautiful. It sparkles at first and then gains ground into a waxy, slightly sweet and fruity banana aspect to it. This scent is warm and radiant sunshine, round and voluptuous. It seems to me almost like a grand, stand-alone being if that makes sense. I think this one ruined all other Ylangs for me...

Review by Paola 4/22/2019



I've been putting this in my ultrasonic atomizer and I smell a paradise of tropical scents... but more than anything VANILLA. Yes, it keeps coming back to this heavenly tropical vanilla smell. Someone said "otherworldly" and I agree. Absolutely gorgeous!

Review by Delilah 9/7/2018

I've searched for this exact smell for so long.


Ylang Ylang fine is my absolute favorite grade of ylang ylang essential oil, with extra in second, and complete comoros in third. The sample pack was a lot of fun to explore and see the different facets of all the different grades. Basically, I have spent way too much money on some of the most expensive lily perfumes ever made in search of one that smells just like a florist shop. This was the thing I needed all along. I know it's ylang ylang, but it smells just like a stargazer lily in full bloom. Absolutely narcotic, a slice of fragrant heaven. This essential oil just changed the fragrance game for me. Please, NEVER stop making this bottled perfection! It is almost too good to be true. I will order the biggest size I can afford and repeatedly buy this over and over as I run out for the rest of my life. Five stars is not enough. THANK YOU!

Review by Gabriella 8/30/2018

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