Patchouli - Organic EO

Pogostemon cablin (Blanco) Benth.


Our certified organic (NOP) Patchouli is a high-quality oil of medium odor depth. Its aroma has deeply pungent, warm, earthy-woody, sweet-herbaceous body notes with an underlying soft boozy, slight floral note;


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Our certified organic (NOP) Patchouli is a high-quality oil of medium odor depth. Its aroma has deeply pungent, warm, earthy-woody, sweet-herbaceous body notes with an underlying soft boozy, slight floral note; it’s also deeper in aroma than our Patchouli – Light yet not as deep as our Patchouli – Dark, and is highly recommended for skincare preparations.

Pogostemon cablin is one of only a few plants that benefit from drying and ‘curing’ of the leaves prior to distillation, resulting in a better quality, higher yield of oil than that from fresh plant material.[1],[2] Among its many benefits, Patchouli has a particular affinity for the skin, helping improve the appearance of tone, aging, fine lines and wrinkles, and dry skin and scalp.[3]

Patchouli is a misunderstood oil that has received an undeserved reputation in recent decades. Author Lizzie Ostrom comments in Perfume: A Century of Scents, "Patchouli oil was the perfume that pretended it wasn’t. Unlike those ‘stuffy’ Diors and Guerlains that were made from a long list of ingredients, this was a natural product, which meant untampered by humans (allegedly) and therefore authentic – straight from the Earth."[4] She adds that Patchouli and other supposedly au naturel scents were a signature of the hippie generation of the 1960s. The Patchouli oils of the day, most of questionable origin and quality, were used to mask the odor of cannabis and to deliver an earthy, rebellious and sexy appeal. Lingering cultural associations still color the reaction of many to this richly-storied and complex oil.

An authentic and truly fine Patchouli oil has a rich and deeply mysterious fragrance that may not be appreciated by many who claim that they "do not like" its scent. Frankly, it is best to approach the aroma of Patchouli in diluted form, on a scent strip, or combined with other essential oils (especially florals), rather than at full strength or directly from the bottle. Keep in mind that when first distilled, Patchouli has a pungency that can be quite pronounced, however a good quality Patchouli oil mellows with age and, when properly stored for a prolonged period, deepens, becomes rich and alluring, developing long-lasting sultry effects – "that full, rich, and almost fruity note for which the best grades of patchouli oil are renowned and so highly esteemed by expert perfumers."[5]

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Customer Reviews



I purchased a small bottle of organic Sri Lanka Patchouli last year and set it aside to age. It smelled nice when I first got it but the full effect of quality takes time. Took the cap off this morning and already this Patchouli has deepened into the amazing scent of the Patchouli I love, with further time it will just get better. I love it so much I just ordered more today. Took me a lot of time and money trying different companies versions, before I found what I was looking for at Eden Botanicals.

Review by RebeccaF 7/28/2018

essential oils


I have been buying essential oils from eden like Omani frank, vetiver, patchouli etc.. I am never disappointed so far, Omani frankincense sacra is a true pure oil you can obtain from eden with no doubts of any kind,having said that then you can trust buying any product they sell and a fantastic friendly caring team at your service that you will come across. I will never waste hard earn money to do terra, young living,or rocky mountain products ever.

Review by kaleem 7/8/2016

An mysterious sensual aura


Simply intoxicating. It is a mysterious smell which does wonders in blends. A must have for male perfume blends.

Review by Carlos 11/19/2014

A wonderful organic Patchouli!


Eden's organic Patchouli from Sri Lanka is a delicious warm, woody and deep patchouli. I'm personally interested in sustainable and organic products and Eden has a fine product here. If you like patchouli, you'll love this offering. I bought a big bottle to enjoy its mellowing over time.

Review by Michele L. 2/26/2013

Patch Sri Lanka Org


Mmmmm - love this patch. I used it in a perfume I formulated last year and my logbook tells me I chose this patch over the other 3 I own because of its softness. I just resniffed the four patchoulis and again found this one to be softer and deeper. To me the sweet spicy note is sort of like rootbeer. It just seems to have more layers to it than the other patchoulis.

Review by Melissa 2/18/2013

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