Palo Santo EO

Bursera graveolens (Kunth) Triana & Planch.


Palo Santo essential oil has a unique woody, fruity/balsamic sweet aroma, with citrus, mint and soft spice nuances that is somewhat reminiscent of Frankincense. 


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Product Overview

Palo Santo essential oil has a unique woody, fruity/balsamic sweet aroma, with citrus, mint and soft spice nuances that is somewhat reminiscent of Frankincense. 

Palo Santo, the Spanish name given to this South American tree, means ‘holy wood’, an appropriate name for its many applications in spiritual practices. The smoke of Palo Santo wood is traditionally used in ceremony similar to the use of White Sage in smudging practices. It comes from the same botanical family (Burseraceae) as Frankincense and Myrrh and the aroma is often used to evoke an ambiance of calm and sacred contemplation in the same way as its botanical cousins.

Our Palo Santo is distilled in small batches from sustainably harvested wood. The aged, dead wood is gathered from the forest floor on Ecuador's Pacific coast, allowing the production of oil without any harm to the living trees.[1],[2] Among the various molecules that are resurrected from the dead wood upon distillation are none other than the familiar and ubiquitous limonene, alpha-terpineol – the claim to fame of Tea Tree – and menthofuran, the musty/minty terpenic compound notably found in Peppermint oils. The comforting and inspiring aroma is recommended for diffusers, room sprays and meditation blends.

1 Industry communication.

2 Farmer, Steven D. Earth Magic: Ancient Shamanic Wisdom for Healing Yourself, Others, and the Planet, 2009, p. 123.

3 Tisserand, Robert and Rodney Young. Essential Oil Safety, 2nd ed., 2014, pp. 379-80.

4 Ibid.

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Customer Reviews



this smells just like the incense, just one major difference. It's minty! it has a solvent-like, buttery, mint note that energies so much with the orange scent. My mom said it smells like a spa, and I agree with her.

Review by blake 3/2/2024

Perfumery-Grade Distillation


I've shied away from palo santo EO for a while, because so much of what's out there is typical aromatherapy grade oil. Perfumery demands a quality that far exceeds what is utilized for aromatherapy purposes (usually a high pressure, high heat, high yield distillation setup that captures a lot of unwanted volatiles and unpleasant monoterpenes that render the product unusable for the discerning perfumer). This particular distillation that Eden supplies is a huge cut above that, and it's evident from the get-go. There's a very prominent mint note, but it isn't remotely camphoraceous or cineolic. It's a smooth, thick, almost buttery sort of mint note, in equal proportion to a subtle orange zest nuance, with a backbone of resinous balsam character. No secondary off notes, no sharpness, and there's even a candy-like fruity sweetness that almost reminds me of benzaldehyde or bitter almond oil. It's a perplexing material - extremely pleasant, calming-yet-invigorating, and it lends this sunny feeling - something bright, jovial, and all around positive. Nothing rubbery, plasticky, or acetate-like, and there's a glassy clarity to it - a clean, crisp, top end snappiness, and I think, short of some rare artisanal distillations, this is probably the best steam distilled palo santo oil for the money, available to perfumers who are looking for perfumery-grade materials. It's one of those materials that has such a unique character, it really can't be mistaken for, or replaced with anything else. I'm not sure if this is a Biolandes material or not, but whoever oversees production of this one clearly has their stuff together, and I'm most pleased to find a palo santo oil that, well, to be frank...doesn't suck. This is a good one.

Review by HHP 11/13/2023

One favorite I would recommend


For those who may wish for an alternative for meditation as frankincense etc. Dilute as recommend and I highly recommend this one. As well as a others as in between. It now is a big favorite thank you Eden Botanicals for the amazing finds

Review by Just me 3/14/2023

Esthetician, Aromatherapist, HHP


A soft deep wood presenting with all the subtle chemicals for energetic aromatherapy treatment as well as in support for deeper mindfulness therapy treatments. I truly love this oil supplied by Eden Botanicals. So much so, I now only supply this oil through Eden.

Review by rodneyaroma 1/8/2023

Lovely, light, sweet and timid


This is lovely. It has a very mild, sweet scent. It's not imposing, it's almost bashful, slightly floral. Definitely sweet and intriguing. Might be good in a gourmand blend. I like it.

Review by Black Pepper 7/21/2020

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