Cilantro - Organic EO

Coriandrum sativum L.


Cilantro essential oil is distilled from the leaves of the Coriander herb plant, the seeds of which are widely recognized in the world of spices. Our organic Cilantro has a wonderfully fresh, pleasantly


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Cilantro essential oil is distilled from the leaves of the Coriander herb plant, the seeds of which are widely recognized in the world of spices. Our organic Cilantro has a wonderfully fresh, pleasantly pungent-green, cut grass-like and somewhat herbaceous aroma with a vegetal-like (celery, carrot) note in the drydown.

While much is known about the aromatherapy usage of Coriander seed essential oil, Cilantro is comparatively new to aromatherapy and research on its attributes, though recent, is quite promising. Not surprisingly, it is known that seed and leaf essential oils of Coriandrum sativum L. show sharp qualitative and quantitative variation in the profile of their constituents.[1] For example, Coriander seed essential oil contains a high concentration of linalool, a monoterpene alcohol, while Cilantro essential oil has a predominant amount of aldehydes[2], including (E)-2-decenal, decenal, octanal, and 2-dodecenal.[3]


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Customer Reviews



This smells delightful!!! It smells like fresh chopped cilantro! I ran it in the diffuser with grapefruit like another reviewer said and yes it was awesome! I also put 2 drops in 4 avocados for a dip and wow the taste was amazing! Win for sure! I love cilantro, and have not seen any other companies carry it especially ORGANIC! Thank you Eden Botanicals!

Review by Rhiannon 5/30/2019

Mix with grapefruit


Cilantro with grapefruit (or any other citrus oil) in the diffuser = magic. Seriously, if you haven't tried the cilantro/grapefruit combo, you're missing out. It's my fav Sumer blend for freshening up the house.

Review by Kelly 3/13/2018

Beautiful Fragrance


I am a cilantro lover and natural perfumer and ordered this oil with only a vague idea of where it would fit. The fragrance is clean and green, like it was just picked from the garden. One drop was added to an herbaceous floral mod that is aging for Spring release. The cilantro complements the herbs and florals, lending freshness. It quickly steps back but is still present after the initial opening. I recommend diluting as it would be easy to overdo. Stay tuned as the blend continues aging.

Review by robin 11/29/2017



It will be perfect for my salsas! Yes!

Review by caroline 5/5/2016

Smells just like fresh cilantro


Cilantro – Organic – This is a beautiful oil. It took me a while to order a sample because I kept thinking, what will I do with cilantro oil? But my love of cilantro and the fact that it is organic eventually prevailed and I requested a sample. It is a wonderful oil. It smells exactly like fresh cilantro with no muddy notes of any sort, just pure straight fresh cilantro. It seems to be quite concentrated as well as I diluted the sample in a half ounce of FCO and it still smells strongly of cilantro. I’d think for a skin application I’d need to dilute it much further. I understand cilantro oil is supposed to be helpful as an anti-spasmodic but personally I’d be more likely to use this oil either as a flavoring for food – say one drop in a Thai soup recipe or that type of thing, or very highly diluted in a perfume. I haven’t tried to blend with it yet but imagine it would be fun to do so. I have wanted to order more because it’s such a lovely oil.

Review by bergamotpinenut 8/30/2014

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