Sandalwood, Australian - Premium EO

Santalum spicatum A.DC.


Our premium Sandalwood from Australia has a little lighter character than a typical Sandalwood essential oil and displays warm, fresh notes and deeper, woodier undertones than our New Caledonian Sandalwood oils. Sandalwood is beloved for its sweet, warm, woody and rich aroma


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Our premium Sandalwood from Australia has a little lighter character than a typical Sandalwood essential oil and displays warm, fresh notes and deeper, woodier undertones than our New Caledonian Sandalwood oils. Sandalwood is beloved for its sweet, warm, woody and rich aroma and is a world-renowned and highly desired ingredient in body care, skin care, natural perfumes, and incense for its sensual qualities and incomparable, calming fragrance.

In Australia, Sandalwood (including its lumber, seed oil, nuts and powder) has been used for fodder, fuel and fragrance, in aboriginal art, and in religious and spiritual practices for thousands of years. Santalum spicatum is native to Western Australia, where the Forests Products Commission (FPC) manages the sustainable harvesting of Sandalwood forests.

The Sandalwood essential oil most recognized is distilled from Santalum album in the Mysore region of India. It is an alarming fact that Mysore Sandalwood has endured severe population decline and genetic impoverishment (i.e., become nearly extinct) due to decades of over-harvesting, mismanagement of forests and illegal poaching – all driven by lucrative global demand. This is good news and bad news. The bad news is that high value plus harvesting restrictions are powerful incentives for the development of synthetics and the routine adulteration of genuine Sandalwood oils.[1] The good news is that this near tragedy created a new industry in other regions for cultivating various species of Sandalwood (including S. spicatum) using more sustainable practices – a successful strategy for redirecting market pressure away from this precious botanical. Sandalwood, an exquisitely fragrant and praiseworthy tree, like the majestic elephant, has been nearly loved to death. May your usage of Sandalwood be mindful, and may you be present in the magnificence of every application.

Eden Botanicals sources a wide variety of sustainably harvested Santalum species from reputable suppliers in different geographical regions that we are sure will enchant and delight even the most discriminating Sandalwood lovers and natural perfumers. Sandalwood oil is beneficial in targeted skincare preparations and facial serums to improve the appearance of aging, dry, or congested skin. The divine aroma inspires an ambiance of peaceful contemplation and lends elevating and centering properties to meditation and incense blends.

1 Turin, Luca. The Secret of Scent: Adventures in Perfume and the Science of Smell, 2006, p. 77.

2 Lawless, Alec. Artisan Perfumery or Being Led by the Nose, 2009, p. 68.

3 Tisserand, Robert and Rodney Young. Essential Oil Safety, 2nd ed., 2014, p. 420.

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Customer Reviews

Used to be better


Circa 2016 through 2019 I was ordering from Eden regularly. This sandalwood particularly was a favorite. Now I recently received an order and the smell is drastically different from what I remember. The creamy sweetness has been replaced with a bitter woody smell. I honestly thought that this was Amyris they sent me instead (and perhaps am still suspicious of it). Anyhow, I guess it is just a batch by batch thing. This batch was not my favorite.

Review by Peter 7/13/2023

Simply Gorgeous


I first tried the Plantation. Then the New Caledonia. Both were pretty oils but far too aromatically weak. My plan was to try the Australian Premium before springing for the Royal. First off- the AP is beautiful. Definitely stronger than the previous two mentioned. I'm only giving it 2 stars for the same reason I won't be springing for the Royal... This is the 2nd bottle of sandalwood that wasn't entirely full. I realize that no EO comes full to the rim. But both this and the NC were under 3/4 full...roughly. It's hard to gauge in a small dark bottle. I compared this one, AP, to my other bottles received in the same purchase and those levels were as expected. The first time it happened with the NC I figured was a one time fluke. Now the second time and I'm mad. To be fair I haven't complained to EB yet because who can prove that?? But I will be sending them an email to let them know. And I certainly wont be wasting anymore money. It's hard for me to believe this was intentional because EB has always demonstrated integrity. Regardless, these two bottles were noticeably short and I'm angry.

Review by Paris 10/1/2020

Add on to subtle and low


Just started messing about with it. Now I am just beginning to understand sandalwood a tiny bit. So 10% dilution of sandalwood, 10% Neroli, undiluted petit grains sir fleur, trace Osmanthus, split one version that way, one with trace cardamom co2. So everything smells great, but sandalwood is what is left hours later when everyone else leaves. On skin, on the strip, sandalwood not only stays but stays exactly the same as to start with. Perfect ending!

Review by Jolie 5/14/2019

Subtle and low , persistent


First put it on the strip- not much. I know some wood oils prefer dilution, but this was just first opened up after 1 hour : it fills the nose, kind of takes over but so subtle it is more of a seduction. I can’t describe the scent because closest I come is oud, without the dog, so no is on the strip 12 hours and still there and in perfect shape , so it’s profile is very consistent. I have never smelt sandalwood on its own before, but it is of course EVERYWHERE! This one has no harshness, no headache, no bumps in the profile, so only thing would probably be to age it to open it up more.. Thank you Eden for finding these oils and making them available to the layman at such affordable prices. It is a joy to open a bottle from you. Lot 10.

Review by Jolie 12/8/2018

Unique, sweet


What a delicious, sweet, unique sandalwood oil. Never smelled anything like it before. So captivating. And blended with sweet almond oil it's like ethereal candy. A few drops goes a long way: after halfway filling a 45mm glass vial with the Australian and half with sweet almond oil, when it was 3/4 empty I replenished with more almond. And then again. And again. Four or five times and the sandalwood scent still remains sweet and strong. This oil is beautiful. Love it.

Review by Asa 6/6/2018

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