Cypress, Blue EO

Callitris columellaris F.Muell. (synonym: Callitris intratropica)


Our lovely Blue Cypress essential oil from Australia has a unique, refreshing and delightful aroma that is sweet, fruity and woody


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Our lovely Blue Cypress essential oil from Australia has a unique, refreshing and delightful aroma that is sweet, fruity and woody; it can be employed as a fixative in floral compositions and compliments precious wood accords, colognes, incense notes and fruit accords.

Callitris columellaris (formerly known as the synonym Callitris intratropica) is an evergreen (coniferous) tree native primarily to coastal Australia, with columellaris referring to its columella, the small pillar of woody tissue at the heart of a Callitris seed cone.[1],[2] An essential oil, sometimes called 'Australian Blue Cypress' oil in the trade, is extracted from this species that finds use in perfumery, cosmetics, and aromatherapy.[3] The oil of Blue Cypress has long been used for incense and in skincare by some mainland aboriginal groups and by the Tiwi people of Bathurst and Melville Islands, northeast of Darwin, Australia.[4]

Blue Cypress oil would not be blue were it not for an experimental distillation that took place in the 1990s.[5] Apparently this oil only turns blue when the heartwood and bark are co-distilled; color variations from greenish-blue to cobalt blue are observed depending on the ratio of the two.[6]

1 Farjon, Aljos and Denis Filer. An Atlas of the Worlds Conifers, 2013, pp. 354-5.

2 Tisserand, Robert and Rodney Young. Essential Oil Safety, 2nd ed., 2014, p. 266.

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Like Amyris


It is a very balsamic oil, sweet and fresh wood that gradually becomes a smell reminiscent of Amyris and just a little bit of the creamy profile of sandalwood when dried, with obvious notes of sweet carpentry wood that I cannot understand. Its staying value stands out for its high quality, it will surely be a typical material that fixes the fragrances for several days.

Review by Juan 5/14/2021

Overripe blue banana


This is one of the Eden Botanicals wood oils that I think are really exceptional along with Somalian Frankincense co2, a Blue Cypress co2 would also be great

Review by Anthony 3/19/2021

Woody sweet drydown, tenacious


Unlike anything else I've smelled, the Certificate of Analysis lists Guiaol, a terpene which is a natural anti-anxiety agent, at almost 13%. It also appears to be non-sensitizing, at least on my own skin, and it is used for skin-soothing purposes. I've applied a dot neat on my wrist, hours later it develops an interesting, mild, bittersweet cola-type note. It would make a unique fixative for natural perfumery.

Review by M. Eller 1/5/2021

The Best I've never Had!!!


This! This is the best thing ever!! I had tried another cypress, from a different supplier, and it smelled like absolutely nothing. However, with EB quickly becoming my one and only go-to for essential oils, I decided to give Cypress, Blue a chance. And I am so incredibly happy that I did! First off, it is a beautiful blue color. Second, it is so incredibly fresh and crisp! I didn't get the over ripe banana note- I found it to started off smelling a bit like cherimoya and a touch of black pepper and honey, which gave way to the woody notes with a slick "texture". Absolutely gaga about this one!!

Review by Meredith 1/25/2016



This is sweet and interesting. Direct from the bottle it smells like overripe bananas! After few hours on the skin is warm and woody. Cool!!

Review by Jasmina 8/22/2014

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