Spruce, Black - Organic EO

Picea mariana (Mill.) Britton et al.


Our Black Spruce essential oil has an initially fresh, radiant aroma that becomes warm, woody, and dry with a soft balsamic note in the dry down. It is of very fine quality with its aerial, 'fresh forest' essence.


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Our Black Spruce essential oil has an initially fresh, radiant aroma that becomes warm, woody, and dry with a soft balsamic note in the dry down. It is of very fine quality with its aerial, 'fresh forest' essence.

The powerful Spruce oils have become increasingly popular in aromatherapy, alongside the other needle oils like Fir and Pine, probably because they share similarly invigorating aromas and the remarkable energetics of the great coniferous forests of the world. At the same time, the aroma also has a restorative and refreshing qualities, much in the same way a walk in a tranquil conifer forest may bring about inner peace and a revived spirit.

Coniferous forests support hundreds of species of plants, insects and animals, are conveyors of vast amounts of water, from roots to canopy, and communicate through an intricate symbiotic network of mycorrhizae – referred to by some tree experts as the "wood wide web!" Branches of black spruce trees are incredibly strong and may hold hundreds of pounds of heavy snow and ice over the course of a winter – some of those pressed into the earth can form roots and branchlets and begin a small community or grove.[1] 

While tree needle oils are particularly suited for massage or chest rubs, Black Spruce is also a great choice to diffuse in winter months with its clear, clean enlivening aroma. 

1 http://www.naturenorth.com/winter/blspruce/Fblsprce_4.html

2 Arctander, Steffen. Perfume and Flavor Materials of Natural Origin, 1960, p. 594.

3 Tisserand, Robert and Rodney Young. Essential Oil Safety, 2nd ed., 2014, p. 429.

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Customer Reviews

Another lovely scent!


This resembles a very sweet pine that is somewhat creamy and without the sharpness. I purchased it for therapeutic use, but I can definitely imagine making some nice blends with this and I will be experimenting! Can't wait!

Review by Amy 6/10/2018

Brilliant forest


This oil is a brilliant fresh and uplifting essence of the forest. I feel stimulated and gently alert. We have used it in our diffuser today and it is the perfect scent for the cold weather and holiday season.

Review by Michael 10/22/2016



This smells wonderful! My daughter took one whiff and fell in love. This one definitely is going on my favorites list. If I were making a men's cologne, I would add a drop of this, for sure.

Review by BETH 2/29/2016

Clean and fresh


This organic Black Spruce EO is refreshingly clean, calming, reducing stress. It has the abilities to help open ones sinuses and breathing passages when diffused. It uplifts moods, improves mental clarity, and can be used as a disinfectant. Inhaling this wonderful aroma smells like you just walked into a fresh forest. It is exhilarating.

Review by Dr. Justin 9/7/2014

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