Cypress Leaf - Organic EO

Cupressus sempervirens L.


Organic Cypress Leaf is an exceptionally vibrant essential oil – and we think you’ll agree. Ours has a fresh, woody, resinous, deep green balsamic aroma


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Organic Cypress Leaf is an exceptionally vibrant essential oil – and we think you’ll agree. Ours has a fresh, woody, resinous, deep green balsamic aroma with a faint smoky and ambergris-like undertone in the tenacious drydown.

Highly valued for its multitude of uses by ancient civilizations, Cypress is still used as a ceremonial incense by the Tibetans.[1] Cypress trees are long-lived and do not easily decay (thus the Latin name sempervirens – lives forever); this is perhaps the primary reason why the Greeks chose Cypress wood to sculpt statues of their immortal gods.[2] These trees are all about endurance – the oldest living Cypress tree is in Iran and is estimated to be approximately 4,000 years old!

Once used to make Flamenco guitars,[3] and most famously for the doors of St. Peter's Basilica in the Vatican City, Rome, the essential oil-rich wood is naturally resistant to insects, chemical corrosion and other damaging elements. These tall, slender trees epitomize upward motion and centered energy and, not surprisingly, Cypress Leaf essential oil is often included in pre-workout blends or diffused during yoga practice.[4]  It is a wonderful astringent for oily skin, scalp, and foot preparations, and as an addition joint and chest rubs and cleansing baths.

Cupressus sempervirens essential oil has a buoyant, uplifting aroma that is shared by many of the coniferous needle trees and is used in perfumes and colognes as a tenacious fragrance component. Author Scott Cunningham suggests that a combination of Cypress Leaf and Patchouli essential oils creates an ambergris-like substitute.[5] Another source agrees, recommending proportions of one part Patchouli with two parts Cypress Leaf.[6]

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Customer Reviews

An Alchemical Wonder


Echoing other reviewers sentiments: you absolutely must let this age in a blend to experience its magic properties. I've been working on this coniferous amber perfume, conifer essences laid over an earthy base of patchouli, sandalwood, labdanum, vetiver, spikenard and agarwood CO2, siam wood, spices, etc. But I just couldn't get the layers to "marry." The top notes were too "weedy," or during the dryout the balsamic notes would just burst out of nowhere... I read through the reviews here and decided to try my sample of this cypress eo to use as a modifier. Thing is, even diluted it has a super sharp, salty top note I wasn't keen on- figured it would act like the loudmouth at the party who wants all the attention on them. Well. Instead I learned it is that special person who brings the whole room of strangers together! It tied the green and terpenic top notes seamlessly into the deep, sweet, woody base notes, while also reigning in the siam wood's balsamic intensity... This cypress eo is an alchemical wonder material! Can't wait to see what it does for other blends! Thank you, Eden!

Review by Russell 6/26/2017

I'm so glad I waited....


This is a gorgeous Cypress! As is always recommended to remember, the scent straight out to the bottle is not true. Even a test strip, to my novice nose, does not show the depth of some oils. Here's where I discovered what this Cypress really does to a blend - I made a blend to conjure up images of air, flight, trees - a sacred owl blend - clary sage, frankincense, atlas and himalayan cedarwood, small amounts tobacco, oakmoss, top of lime and lemon, with the middle geranium rose and cypress. What first appeared was a bright, clean balsam scent. Seemed to initially make blend very dry, even sharp and crisp. But I let the blend sit for a week or so. What resulted is an added warmth and muskiness, so unique. It did exactly as described in the overview notes. It fixed citrus, balanced the florals, added warmth and soft musk. Another winner from Eden!

Review by Toi Lynn 1/18/2017

really interesting


this oil possesses some really interesting notes in perfumery. You have to be patient and let it settle for a few weeks in a composition, but what evolves is a beautiful VERY close to ambergris note. Don't make the mistake of dismissing it as a typical fir/pine e.o.

Review by David 8/30/2016

Pretty, plus multiple uses


Earthy but regenerating. A drop or two is great for a forest blend, but no more as this is potent. Use with lemon grass OR, with lemon tea tree mixed with isopropyl alcohol to repel ants! Also freshens rooms wonderfully.

Review by CC 5/16/2016

Pretty, plus multiple uses


I have used tiny amounts (a drop or two) in an energy blend.

Review by CC 5/16/2016

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