Rose Otto, White - Organic EO

Rosa x alba L.


Our organic White Rose Otto is a rare and precious oil that comes from Bulgaria – an area renowned for excellence in Rose oil production – where it has been carefully distilled to capture the bouquet of the fresh white flowers. The aroma is a rich, deep, opulent, and sweet creamy-honeyed Rose,


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Revered for its pure white blossoms and association with the sacred feminine, White Rose Otto is often used in ceremonies to promote love and encourage the metaphorical “opening of the heart.” Known as the oil of love, Rose is highly esteemed for use in spiritual or meditation practice. However you choose to incorporate White Rose Otto into your life, we hope you will savor its rare, complex aroma and superlative benefits.

With their multi-petaled intricacy, it is no surprise that Rose essential oils and absolutes are among the plant essences with the most chemical complexity. And while many of the more than 400 chemical constituents[1] of Rosa damascena are present in mere trace amounts, they contribute immensely to the sublime and nuanced fragrance we know as Rose. Only 1 kilo (2.2 pounds) of Rose Otto is obtained from 4500 kilos (about 9900 pounds) of freshly harvested Rose petals.[2]

"For its perfume, the Rose reigns supreme amongst the flowers of the world."[3] Beloved since ancient times, Homer and Pliny, Ovid and Virgil refer especially to the Rose being esteemed more for its perfume than for its beauty.[4] The first distillation of Rose oil was probably by the Arabs in 500 CE, although ancient drawings show primitive stills as far back as 10,000 BCE.[5] In its more recent history, it is believed by many historians that rose plants were brought to the town of Kazanlak in Bulgaria by a Turkish immigrant to cultivate in his own garden around the time Kazanlak was founded in 1420.

Whether used for aromatherapy, skincare formulations, or in fine perfumery compositions, the comforting and inspiring aroma of White Rose Otto is especially esteemed for promoting spiritual wellbeing, creating a peaceful ambiance, and imbuing an air of luxury.

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12 Reviews


Customer Reviews

Misunderstood Oil


The initial "sour scent" people keep mentioning is indicative of a good Rose Oil! It dries down to a pungent smell of concentrated Roses. It's because it takes ALMOST TWICE as many roses to make (White Rosa Alba) oil. I suggest maybe try diluting to 1 percent or open it when you get it, close it then let it sit for (3 to 6 weeks) then reopen it and you may get a different scent. At least that's what I got. AWESOME OIL!! Hope it stays in stock so I can have more:)

Review by Allie 3/30/2019



I agree w the other reviewer that there is quite a sour smell that I pick up in the back of my throat... I blended it w vanilla bourbon absolute and some lime, and the dry down is gorgeous, where all I can smell is soft heady rose, but phwar, that initial sniff will knock you back in your chair. I want to get some tobacco to add to it and see if that changes anything.

Review by Helene 4/11/2018

Loved It


This is the best rose oil I've owned!

Review by JC 4/9/2018

it's ok


honestly I was expecting something spectacular with this oil. It is nice but I pick up on a slightly sour smell. I think it is because it is undiluted in the bottle I got it in. I will be back to update on how it smells out of bottle and into my perfume i am planning on making. Still have high hopes for this oil, but so far its just meh.

Review by Amanda 9/14/2017



The BEST rose oil ever! Please HURRY and restock this oil asap.

Review by Jf 4/7/2016

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