Elemi EO

Canarium luzonicum (Blume) A.Gray 


Our delightful Elemi essential oil has a bright, fresh, green/lemony, peppery/spicy aroma at first reminiscent of Frankincense, with an exceptional drydown


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The Elemi tree grows wild in tropical desert climates and, to a lesser degree, is cultivated in the Philippine Islands[1] where it is known as sahing or pili; it is also found in Malaysia, Papua New Guinea and other Pacific islands.

An incredibly diverse genus, there are over 75 distinct species of Canarium alone leading to much confusion between other similar botanical resins, gums and oleoresins. Most likely the “African elemi” mentioned prior to the 17th century, as well as in earlier records of Egyptian spirituality and culture, was a Somalian Frankincense, probably Boswellia frereana. Indeed, with similar uses and properties, Elemi has been called “Poor Man’s Frankincense.” The aroma is known for its transcendent qualities and is popular in incense and meditation blends.

In natural perfumery, Elemi is a fresh top to middle note and fixative, mainly used in masculine fragrances. It is a revitalizing and softening addition to blends for mature skin and is also suitable in chest rubs and energizing massage blends. Limonene, a major constituent of citrus peel oils, is found in Elemi oleoresin from as low as 23% to as high as 80%. Due to the temperature instability of limonene, cold storage of this oil in a dark, tightly-capped bottle is recommended to avoid oxidation[2] as oxidized oils may increase skin sensitization.[3]

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Lemon Peppery Fresh Green Resin


I was so curious to get Elemi as I had never experienced the smell. I added a good amount of this to a blend of frankincense, bergamot grapefruit and a drop of ylang ylang. Interestingly I forgot I had placed it in the blend and days later I sprayed it in the air...sat down to watch tv...but kept smelling the air wondering where this green, slightly sharp resinous and very much a peppery smell was coming from. Not the frankincense, grapefruit or bergamot and then totally remembered. It has this spicy, flavorful and somehow oriental gormand note. I may try this with rosemary and orange in a hand soap....too peppery for the air though. Bit of a wake up refreshing stimulating quality.

Review by John 3/24/2021



I bought maybe 20 oils for my bday, got home late for work but wanted to strip test them- so I was lazy- it was late and I didn’t write the names down, I keep resmelling them, testing the next. When I first put Elemis on the strip faintish lemony / tree oil smell, a bit dirty. I test a bunch more , resmelling: what is this ? Smells like fish!! FISH. Had to go through labeling them all, just to make sure it was the Elemi. You’d think I would be disappointed, but it is a sour fish scent that is strong, and when next to another scent strip, it makes the othe scent shine and bloom. Very interesting! Lot 12

Review by Jolie 12/8/2018

Sweet & spicy


It's just a sensual and provocative oil. Blends well while maintaining its own unique scent, I loved it so much after the sample I'm ordering a 4oz. I use it for ,Perfume, lotion, just about anything

Review by Anita 12/5/2015

Interesting Contrasts


This elemi is very interesting! It's very hard to catch a whiff of- so you think is it faint?- then you smell all the pepper and only after that, a whiff of lemon. It's very cool, yet hot in peppery. Great contrasts in one scent!

Review by Caine 5/31/2013

Outstanding Aroma


I had never come across this oil before and decided to give it a try. I was stunned at the fresh, lovely scent of citrus and spice as I opened the tester. I loved this oil so much, I bought a larger size. I have already used it in one perfume blend and know it will be a staple on my perfumer's organ! Thank you Eden's Botanicals for providing such quality materials!

Review by Rebecca 5/7/2013

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