Tea Tree - Organic EO

Melaleuca alternifolia (Maiden & Betche) Cheel


Our organic Tea Tree essential oil has a fresh, diffusive, warm, cineolic and faintly spicy-herbaceous aroma. It is one of the best known, and surely the most widely used essential oils by practitioners of all types.


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Product Overview

Our organic Tea Tree essential oil has a fresh, diffusive, warm, cineolic and faintly spicy-herbaceous aroma. It is one of the best known, and surely the most widely used essential oils by practitioners of all types.

The only essential oil to have its own non-profit association (ATTIA – Australian Tea Tree Industry Association), Tea Tree is produced in many countries worldwide; over a million pounds (about half a million kilograms) of Tea Tree oil are produced every year in Australia alone.

Considered a weed by the rest of the world, the Australian Aborigines long ago realized the importance of this small tree's beneficial attributes. Today, Tea Tree essential oil has been very well investigated with respect to its broad range of skincare benefits, and as a consequence has become ubiquitous in targeted skin preparations for impure and congested skin, foot powders and sprays, in shampoos and scalp products, outdoor sprays, diffuser blends, chest rubs, topical washes, body oils, cleansers and deodorants. Gabriel Mojay believes that the uplifting aroma of Tea Tree oil has the ability to support a positive outlook.[1] We’re positive you’ll find numerous creative uses for Tea Tree in your aromatherapy applications.

1 Mojay, Gabriel. Aromatherapy for Healing the Spirit, 1996, p. 121.

2 Arctander, Steffen. Perfume and Flavor Materials of Natural Origin, 1960, pp. 406-7.

3 Tisserand, Robert and Rodney Young. Essential Oil Safety, 2nd ed., 2014, p. 441.

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Customer Reviews

Fruity and floral at the same time.


I just received my bottle of Tea Tree - Organic (Lot 22 for reference) and I must say, this is the best tea tree oil I have ever smelled. It's fruity, in a jammy sort of way- similar to how elder berry, sea buckthorn or fir balsam absolute smells. This tea tree also has this faintly floral quality to it, like puffy little flowers- I imagine the bottle brush kind that I pass on my hikes in Topanga Canyon. It smells like the mountains, I can't say enough good things about this oil. I'm going to use it to treat some scalp stuff so I'll touch base to see if it works in my hair products.

Review by Dutch 8/6/2020

a deep, almost smoky note


Tea tree is well loved for being one of the most versatile essential oils on the market. It can be used for so many applications that I always try to keep a bottle on hand. This was my first time trying Eden's tea tree and I must say it was interesting! Unlike other bottles I've sampled, this one has a distinctly smoky note to it, which caught me off guard. It has a much weaker scent than I'm accustomed to, but seems to be doing the job in cleaning products, facial care, diffusing, etc. I love that this is organic, it makes me feel much better about using it in my home. But please be aware that it is not as bright as other tea tree oils... so if you're looking for that typical top note smell, this is not it.

Review by J 7/12/2017

A Must Have


We use this product daily for everything from blemishes and wounds to flaky scalp and steam tent treatments for respiratory infections. It's the one EO we find ourselves buying most regularly, which is why I love the bulk/size options from Eden Botanicals! The scent isn't too medicine-like. It's more clean and pleasant compared to other melaleuca oils. Just a fantastic organic oil that I highly recommend!

Review by DBRodg 1/11/2016

Not Your Average Tea Tree


I've always looked at tea tree as just an oil I used for physical healing (cuts, bites, etc.) and never paid much attention to the aroma. I thought of it as pleasant, but as long as it did its job, the aroma didn't matter that much. But then I tried this oil. This tea tree is amazing. I'm really not sure how to describe it, but when I smelled it, it sparked something in me that tea tree has never done before. Just last night I made a deodorant spray for myself, and included this tea tree, as much for its aroma as its antibacterial properties.

Review by Wunder Budder 3/23/2013

tea tree oil


I love this product and have tried many other tea tree oils, but this is the one I always come back to. I use it in my mouthcare, as a rinse, and I always have this in my medicine bag and travel with it wherever I go!

Review by kit 3/20/2013

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