Vetiver, Java EO

Vetiveria zizanioides [synonym of Chrysopogon zizanioides (L.) Roberty]


Our Vetiver from the island of Java in Indonesia has an earthy, green, woody-rooty, fresh aroma with sweet, cedar-like nuances underscored with a pronounced ‘boozy’, earthy note of great depth. It has an extremely well-balanced, sumptuous drydown.


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Our Vetiver from the island of Java in Indonesia has an earthy, green, woody-rooty, fresh aroma with sweet, cedar-like nuances underscored with a pronounced ‘boozy’, earthy note of great depth. It has an extremely well-balanced, sumptuous drydown. More than just a simple grass, its chemical complexity is why Vetiver is often thought of as a perfume in itself. It is an outstanding base note with excellent fixative qualities. Our Vetiver from Java also has notably soft smoky notes, unlike the undesirable and/or heavy smoky notes that are often present in Indonesian Vetiver essential oils – these are mediated by using low pressure and longer distillation times.[1]

Vetiveria zizanioides is composed of more than 100 mostly sesquiterpene constituents; three in particular – khusimol, α-vetivone and β-vetivone – are thought of as the 'fingerprint' of the oil and are responsible, in large part, for the characteristic odor and properties of Vetiver.

Also known as vetivert, khus, or khus khus, Vetiver has a long history of use and is very well known as the Oil of Tranquility.[2] It is obtained from the roots of a tropical grass originally from India and Sri Lanka, but the roots are also now cultivated in many tropical countries for household purposes and as an effective strategy to prevent soil erosion. From time immemorial, one of the oldest aromatic uses of Vetiver roots is to weave them into mats which, when dampened with water and hung in windows like curtains, cool and scent the air with a pleasant aroma.[3]

Vetiver essential oil varies dramatically in aroma depending on where it is grown (terrain, climate, cultivation) and how it is distilled. Guenther stresses that the distillation of heavy, sesquiterpene-rich oils like Vetiver must continue for hours despite the apparent lack of increase in volume, "otherwise valuable, high-boiling constituents will be lacking in the oil."[4] Dense and syrupy, Vetiver essential oils, much like Patchouli and Sandalwood oils, undergo chemical transformation and improve with age, making them very good base notes and fixatives in natural perfume and incense formulations.[5],[6] The centering aroma of Vetiver is sublime in calming baths, massage, and meditation blends and in skincare preparations for dry, mature or congested skin. 

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Customer Reviews



I’m so grateful right now!! I’m make a order and lm able to get one sample free, and for some reason vetiver Java always gets my attention, guess what? Is amazing gorgeous!!! Is super earthy the most beautiful smell of fresh wood ever and then comes the new books when they coming new in the school that smells brings me so many beautiful memories of my childhood and then other smell comes up wet ground when is raining Omggggg if you want to make a perfume very earthy VTIVER JAVA !!! Is your magic trick!!!

Review by Neysi 10/27/2022



This is the Vetiver that is in the Dior eau Sauvage parfum formula. There its notes of chocolate and coffee stand out along with a dominant note of myrrh. A great scent!

Review by Juan 10/2/2020



Typical Indonesian type vetiver.

Review by Ty 8/8/2020



Very glad I purchased samples of all the verivers. They are all very different. This one doesn't seem like just one EO; it is very complex. I find it sexy, deep, almost flavorful. Tempted to dilute it and use as is for a perfume.

Review by Talya 12/11/2019

very special


I ordered samples of all Eden's vetivers to compare. The Java is my favorite. It's deep, dark, smooth and smoky, with hints of chocolate and coffee. Beautiful and powerful on its own, it really does induce tranquility. I could see blending it with special florals like champaca or lotus for a synergistic soulful ritual blend. Will definitely be purchasing a full bottle to set aside for aging, as I'm sure it will only improve with time. Thank you, Eden, for offering such beautiful oils!

Review by Ivy 9/17/2019

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