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Our Farms & Distilleries

As part of the Biolandes group, Eden Botanicals has access to farms and distilleries in some of the best growing regions in the world for producing premium essential oils and extracts. Having this direct source gives us the expertise in harvesting and extraction methods, and the ability to ensure quality and transparency in all stages of production.,format&rect=0,42,2000,1125&w=1024&h=576

Photo credit: Mollie Jensen


The terroir of southern France, with its chalky limestone soil and temperate climate, is the ideal setting for aromatic plants that have thrived here for millennia. With locations in Valréas, the Provence region, we have access to crop to market production and a reliable supply of top-quality plants in close proximity to their harvest sites. This location processes some 35 plant species at various harvest times throughout the year. In addition, we have farms, distilleries and production sites in the Drome and Landes regions. The Biolandes headquarters are located in Le Sen, the Landes region, and houses the company headquarters along with 86 acres of land. Along with multiple continuous distillation units, the site is equipped with a biomass boiler fueled by green wastes, largely from our own production operations.

Photo credit: Biolandes @Mathieu Sartre


Andalusia is the agricultural heart of Spain, where wild plants flourish amongst warm and dry plains, stretching rivers, and abundant sunshine. Our Andalusian factory spans several thousand hectares at the junction between Seville and Portugal, where cistus is abundant and grows wild in the dry climate. The stills and extractors operate in a continuous system, producing the various types of extracts derived from cistus, and our factory is equipped with a biomass boiler fueled by the plant residues. We tend nearly 3,000 acres of virgin land in the area surrounding our production site, which is a natural habitat for Cistus ladanifer. By regularly maintaining the land, we help reduce the risk of wildfires and allow the plants to grow under optimal environmental conditions.

Photo credit: Biolandes @Mathieu Sartre


The famed “Rose Valley,” with its mild winter and lengthy spring season, provides prolonged flowering periods with abundant, oil-rich blossoms. Our Bulgarian farm is located in the Stara Zagora Province in a protected region that is naturally and culturally suited to growing aromatic plants. A dozen stills and several extractors are used to process the raw materials from plants that we either grow on site or gather in the surrounding area. Our Bulgarian operations grows Rosa x damascena on nearly 250 acres of land, producing up to 400 tons of blossoms per year.

Photo credit: Biolandes @Mathieu Sartre


The nutrient-rich soil of Morocco’s “green belt” in the north, and the semi-arid grassy plains of the south offer aromatics from the best of both worlds. Our Moroccan farm is located in Khemisset, in a northern region of the country between the ocean and the Atlas Mountains. We also have a second production unit in southern Morocco, in the town of El Kelâa, for the processing of raw materials like rose and Armoise (artemisia). Using our own stills and extractors, we process raw materials from plants that we grow ourselves on site or that we gather in the surrounding area. Growing operations span nearly 495 acres, with a quarter of the area devoted to the cultivation of bitter orange trees.

Photo credit: Biolandes @Mathieu Sartre


Between the lush tropical climate and verdant river valleys, aromatic plants and spices enjoy favorable conditions year-round. Our facility is located in Ambanja, in the Sambirano River Valley. We have many stills on site, which allow us to produce essential oils using raw materials derived from plants that we grow on our 740-acre farm or gather in the surrounding area. Ylang-Ylang is the main crop grown on the farm today, though it is supplemented by other plant products, including vetiver.

Photo credit: Biolandes @Mathieu Sartre


With fields of flowers as far as the eye can see, the warm humidity of the historic damask rose region of Turkey is perfect for the Queen of Flowers. Our Turkish production site is located in Isparta, in the heart of a historic damask rose growing area and in immediate proximity to the fields cultivated by our grower-partners. The factory is equipped with an array of stills and extraction lines operating in a continuous system for the production of extracts, using fully automated processes. We work in close collaboration with our network of local growers that allows us to rely on constant sourcing of both quantity and quality, as well as precise traceability.