Chamomile, Roman - Italy EO

Anthemis nobilis [synonym of Chamaemelum nobile (L.) All.]


Our Roman Chamomile from Italy has a powerfully diffusive, intense, sweet, fresh-fruity and soft herbal aroma with berry and apple-like notes and displays a light herbal/woody note in the drydown. It is very


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Our Roman Chamomile from Italy has a powerfully diffusive, intense, sweet, fresh-fruity and soft herbal aroma with berry and apple-like notes and displays a light herbal/woody note in the drydown. It is very similar in aroma to our Roman Chamomile from the USA, but has a somewhat more pronounced fruit (berry) note. The main components of Roman Chamomile essential oil are the esters of angelic and tiglic acids (including the angelates and metacrylates) comprising up to 80% of the total oil.[1] Perfumers in particular find great value in these two esters for creating warm, sweet and fruity tea-like notes in their creations.

Italy is not the oldest civilization to cultivate this useful plant, but the Mediterranean climate and Roman Chamomile’s hardy, scrappy, sown-by-the-wind nature have not only enabled it to survive there, but to thrive. We like the character of this particular oil and its unusual aromatic profile.

In some spiritual traditions, the aroma of Roman Chamomile is said to evoke peace, love, tranquility and purity of spirit. Different authors have claimed it benefits the grumpy, impatient, rarely satisfied and disagreeable. Children are typically attracted to the fruity and comforting aroma, succumbing easily to the laid back, carefree vibe Roman Chamomile embodies. Roman Chamomile oil seems universally beloved - its equilibrium and brightness are sought after by earthlings of all ages.

Please note that Roman Chamomile essential oil has a strong odor intensity and should be used sparingly.

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2 Arctander, Steffen. Perfume and Flavor Materials of Natural Origin, 1960, pp. 157-8.

3 Ibid, p. 158.

4 Tisserand, Robert and Rodney Young. Essential Oil Safety, 2nd ed., 2014, pp. 244-5.

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Customer Reviews

Wonderful oil!


Finally a chamomile from the warm Mediterranean, where it naturally grows profusely. It is extremely calming, a must have in these crazy times.

Review by Zoe 7/24/2020

Absolutely lovely!


I agree with the first review! This is the best Roman Chamomile I have found. I fell in love with a certain “old dying”

Review by Shari from Texas 7/2/2019

Like No Other Chamomile


Honestly, I can't believe that I am the first to review this outstanding Chamomile Essential Oil (CEO). It truly is an amazing oil that is unique and dissimilar from every other CEO I had experienced prior. There have only been a few EOs that have literally given me chills when first experiencing their aroma--this was one of them. If you use CEO of another brand or variety, I strongly encourage you to just get a sample of this, get it home and do a comparison between your current CEO and EB's Italian Roman Chamomile. It will blow your socks off! I actually recommend that everyone at least try a sample of this oil. ENJOY!

Review by Dr O 3/18/2019

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