Celery Seed EO

Apium graveolens L.


Celery Seed essential oil possesses a spicy, warm, long-lasting aroma, and is used as a fragrance component in soaps, cosmetics, and perfumes.[1]Limonene is the dominant constituent at about 70%,


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Celery Seed essential oil possesses a spicy, warm, long-lasting aroma, and is used as a fragrance component in soaps, cosmetics, and perfumes.[1] Limonene is the dominant constituent at about 70%, which puts Celery Seed in the same league as the bright and refreshing citrus peel and fir needle oils. However, it is the quiet and 'peppery' phthalides and β-selinene – influential secondary constituents – that are the critical actors here, imparting both the typical Celery fragrance and much of the effects.

Apium graveolens is a familiar biennial plant native to southern Europe and cultivated extensively as a domestic vegetable. The essential oil is primarily produced in India, Holland, China, Hungary, and the US.[2] The calming aroma is suitable for massage blends and diffusers, and its earthy qualities have led some perfumers to use it in place of Oakmoss Absolute.

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Freshness - dry - misterious


Extremely diffuse and powerful, it has a warm aura reminiscent of something woody and dry, a bit old and dirty,is mistery :o , which will bring freshness and depth to any formula that requires a bridge to unite bright citrus on top with different woods in the drydown. It will bring naturalness to different synthetic wood molecules. ¡Love!

Review by Juana Ferrer 9/2/2023

Herbal Musk


EB's description of celery seed as reminiscent of herbal musk is on point. I haven't blended with it yet but I do enjoy the scent.

Review by Florence 8/30/2014

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