Coffee Bean Oil

Coffea arabica L.


Our Coffee Bean Oil is cold pressed from grounded and roasted coffee beans into a highly aromatic vegetal oil with a strong, rich dark roasted coffee aroma.


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Product Overview

Our Coffee Bean Oil is cold pressed from grounded and roasted coffee beans into a highly aromatic vegetal oil with a strong, rich dark roasted coffee aroma. It is fatty acid-rich, with substantial percentages of Linoleic, Palmitic, and Oleic acids, making it a beneficial addition to mature skin care formulations. The familiar, elevating aroma also makes it a desirable inclusion in invigorating massage oils.[1] Coffee Bean Oil also contains a small amount of caffeine, therefore, if you are highly sensitive or allergic to coffee, we recommend avoiding use of this oil.

Traditional and sacred uses of Coffea arabica include many exotic aromatic and topical preparations, especially when paired with Cardamom and Honey (or Beeswax).[2] In addition to its use in cosmetics and skin care formulations, it could also be used as part of the carrier for oil-based natural perfumes.

In culture, tradition, and daily ritual, this familiar, roasty aroma is very personal with the power to evoke something unique in each person. Here is a way to bring your favorite morning ritual with you, wherever you wander.

1 Rätsch, Christian. Plants of Love, 1990, p. 53.

2 Ibid.

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8 Reviews


Customer Reviews

Stunning in a perfume


A little goes a long way. This works beautifully in an oil based perfume. It was mixed sparingly with Ylang Ylang, Rose, Jasmine & Patchouli in a base of jojoba oil. It smelled amazing right after blending BUT after 4 weeks, it was swoon-worthy.

Review by MAC 10/7/2017

Rich, dark coffee aroma


I bought a sample size to try in an eye serum. It smells delicious and actually does help with puffy, baggy under eye circles! I added a few drops of Vanilla Bourbon 30% and the result is incredible.

Review by melissa 5/12/2017

Fresh coffee!


This oil smells AMAZING. Good for under eye caffeine serum, or just to smell throughout the day!

Review by Rebecca 9/2/2015

Raw Essence of Coffee


As opposed to Coffee Bean CO2, this is raw coffee. In all it's rich dark bitter glory. I hope you like it black.

Review by Meredith 8/14/2015

It's ok if you like folgers


I bought this oil and had big expectations from the reviews, I got it and i think it smells of folgers or instant coffee. Not the deep rich roast I was hoping for... more of a coffee house smell, less of my dad's burnt drip coffee. It also was not as tenacious as expected in my blend and basically disappeared in the blend. I did not experience any caffeine effects so that is a plus.

Review by shannon 10/17/2014

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