Vanilla CO2 - 30%

Vanilla planifolia Jacks. ex Andrews


Invaluable in natural perfumery, Vanilla smooths rough edges, warms floral blends, and softens coniferous notes. Our Vanilla CO2 – 30% has a sweet, warm, creamy richness typical of vanilla, with soft notes of spice and tobacco and a smooth woody-balsamic undertone. The Vanilla CO2 Total extract used


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Invaluable in natural perfumery, Vanilla smooths rough edges, warms floral blends, and softens coniferous notes. Our Vanilla CO2 – 30% has a sweet, warm, creamy richness typical of vanilla, with soft notes of spice and tobacco and a smooth woody-balsamic undertone. The Vanilla CO2 Total extract used to make this dilution has a 12% vanillin content. It has been pre-diluted to 30% in 70% Fractionated Coconut Oil – organic to make it affordable and easy to use as is.

The fragrance of vanilla is one of universal appeal – the familiar aroma invites sensuality and confidence, conveys comfort, and softens the ambiance.[1],[2] Try blending it with your favorite essential oils, absolutes and CO2 extracts. To add a green note to vanilla, use Violet Leaf; adding traces of Celery or Caraway CO2 makes it sophisticated and intimate.[3]

Vanilla, a flowering tropical plant of the orchid family, is a very costly and labor-intensive crop. It takes approximately 4-5 years after planting for Vanilla to set its first blossoms and it takes 600 hand-pollinated blossoms to produce only 1 kilo of cured Vanilla pods. These are picked by hand while still green and are sold to special processing plants where they are sorted, blanched, steamed, and sun-dried. They are then re-sorted, dried in the shade, and fermented while being continually evaluated for aroma and individually inspected for quality. No wonder true Vanilla is such a precious commodity!

This Vanilla CO2 is pre-diluted to 30% Vanilla CO2 in 70% Fractionated Coconut Oil – organic.  It is premixed to make it affordable and easy to use as is. For a pure and undiluted Vanilla CO2, please see our Vanilla CO2 – organic.

PLEASE NOTE: Vanilla CO2 – 30% is soluble in fixed oils and partially soluble in alcohol. This dilution may contain particulate matter; gently warm and shake this oil to reintegrate.

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2 Green, Mindy. Natural Perfumes Simple Aromatherapy Recipes, 1999, pp. 45-6.

3 Lawless, Alec. Artisan Perfumery or Being Led by the Nose, 2009, pp. 70-1.

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Customer Reviews

Please walk back my "Very Disappointed" review


After a bit of research and experimentation attempting a fragrance oil, I now understand a bit about CO2 30%. First, the aroma is light but not sweet. It's not an extract or tincture so it takes more time to permeate the room or volume of air once exposed to the space. Even the small amount of space around the bottle when the cap is removed. Second, my original review is less about the product and more about my ignorance and feeling a bit lighter on cash after buying something I believed at the time. While this product is not a good solution for my application, instead of returning it I decided to do some research and learn more about the product. I have made a very basic and traditional Amber Fragrance using this oil and can appreciate the complexity let alone the challenge of deriving an aroma that attracts the senses which, my novice attempt only hints at. While I can not speak to this product's value and how it can perform, I walk back my original review as this product is intended to be used primarily in fragrances and perfumes which my effort has proven as much. My new rating is an all star, based on the fact that it does perform as described.

Review by Stewat 4/25/2021

Very Disappointed


I wanted this to be a good deal but honestly, the fragrance/aroma is almost mute. $12 of beans from Costco chopped fine in 240ml of fractionated coconut oil for a month puts this stuff to, well, shame. I would bet lunch this isn't 30% Vanilla. I am very disappointed and feel a bit swindled. Maybe the world of fragrance and aroma for perfumes believes this is strong but for the rest of us it just smells mostly like a faint remnant of Vanilla. Response from the oil room: Thank you for your comments. We’re sorry to hear you were disappointed with your purchase! Please feel free to contact us if you would are interested in a refund or exchange. We do offer the undiluted Vanilla CO2 and make the guaranteed 30% dilution in house. Please note that if you have not done so, the best way to determine aroma is from a fragrance tester strip where the oil can be exposed to air. Also, even when Vanilla is diluted to very low percentages, it has a tendency to ‘bloom’ in a perfume formula – in other words, increase in aroma strength beyond what is intended, even though that is not evident when smelled by itself.

Review by Stewart 4/14/2021



I have been wanting to add Vanilla to my essential oils for FOREVER. Since Vanilla is not an essential oil, I have not been able to order it. I finally did the research on what to use for Vanilla when diffusing and was led to this. THANK GOODNESS!!!! Why on earth did I wait so long??? Thank you Eden Botanicals <3 (that should be a heart)

Review by Chrissy 5/12/2016

Pretty Sweet


This was my first experience with a vanilla and liked it a lot. Weeks before I had a couple real vanilla beans and cut them open, sniffed and found that lovely heavy and dark aroma. Found that same dark, sexy and soft powdery scent from real beans. Very nice. Good for needing to calm down or just be grounding.

Review by MD 12/20/2014

would not buy again


I bought two ounces of this, spending approx $60 when said & done. I am disappointed. It is incredibly difficult to smell the vanilla in it. It states it is 30% diluted with FCO- I would argue that %. I am an easy to please kind of person, so my giving this a thumbs down says something. From the oils room: Please note that a (fatty) oil “sits” on volatile fragrances and is therefore harder to smell. On warm skin the aroma will come through better. Still Vanilla CO2 is a quiet oil and simply nestles in the FCO for use as a base for adding other Eos.

Review by no_no_gmo 12/5/2014

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