Violet Leaf Absolute

Viola odorata L.


The cool powerful, wet vegetal/crushed green leaves aroma of our very fine Violet Leaf Absolute has soft woody nuances; during the long drydown the aroma becomes muted, earthy and grassy.


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Product Overview

The cool powerful, wet vegetal/crushed green leaves aroma of our very fine Violet Leaf Absolute has soft woody nuances; during the long drydown the aroma becomes muted, earthy and grassy. Since this highly aromatic, solvent-extracted leaf absolute first appeared in the collection of natural perfumers, its stature has risen considerably – it is regarded as a rare and irreplaceable element in perfumery that in very small amounts lends an unsurpassed elegance to certain floral blends.

Violet Leaf Absolute is one of the costliest and most labor-intensive natural fragrance materials to produce – approximately 2300 kilos of hand-picked leaves yield only 1 kilo of the absolute.[1]

Beloved around the world since the age of the mythological gods and goddesses, diminutive Violet has been revered by the ancient Greeks and Romans, by Pliny and Hippocrates, Shakespeare and Napoleon, and lovers of its perfume throughout time. In the realm of perfumery, Violet Leaf is valued as a superior ‘green’ note, with green notes in general considered to be some of the most important in perfumery.[2] When combined in a carefully worked accord in very small amounts, green notes can "bring a naturalness to a perfume, one that is also very difficult to duplicate."[3] The source of Violet Leaf Absolute’s elusive aroma has stumped many, since this material features a predominance of unremarkable fatty acids. And although many of the other compounds in this oil are present in concentrations of less than 1%, they largely account for the ultra green fragrance that is unmistakably characteristic of Violet Leaf.[4],[5]

PLEASE NOTE: For a pre-blended and easy to use dilution of this oil, please see our Violet Leaf Absolute – 10%.

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Customer Reviews

Gorgeous garden green


This is probably my favorite natural "green" note - I wasn't sure what I thought smelling it straight from the bottle. When I diluted it to 25%, the gorgeous, cool-crisp-cucumber notes opened up. This would be beautiful in a floral, citrus or herbal accord. Even the 25% dilution was so strong, my studio smelled of cold green violet leaf for a bit after bottling.

Review by SR 3/11/2021

Excellent violet leaf - but sorry, no ionones here


While this is an excellent violet leaf absolute I am dismayed that overview above puts such emphasis on the ionones, which is extremely misleading in the case of violet leaf absolute given that the ionones are in such miniscule percentage they do not even appear on the list of primary consituents from your own GC COA. Those facets are simply NOT present at any stage in the analysis of the essence and not in the drydown either as I've gone looking for them and waited hours and days for any such facet to appear. I've shared the essence with students and scientists and it is simply not characteristic of 'floral' anything. What IS in the bottle however is a wonderfully characteristic violet LEAF oil and that really is what should be emphasized in the description, because while many other sellers may feature misleading information, I expect more from Eden and think it would be helpful is if you could just specify the actual primary consituents and what those specific compounds impart and why they lend themselves more to a fresh cucumber note than a sweet, candied, powdery, berry-like violet flower. Again, excellent product, poorly communicated. From the oils room: Thank you for pointing out an error we had overlooked. We have removed the ionones statement in the overview (indeed, related to Violet Flower and not Violet Leaf) and replaced it with information regarding the constituents responsible for the distinctive ultra green notes of Violet Leaf Absolute. These will not appear as primary constituents on our COA – they are present in trace amounts, as explained in the overview. As to the aroma description, this pertained to the previous lot of Violet Leaf Absolute (which did have a faint floral nuance), while the current lot (9) is without any floral aspect. We have adjusted the aroma description accordingly. This serves to remind us to be diligent in keeping aroma descriptions updated relative to the current lot. Thanks again for keeping us on our toes – we strive for accuracy and always appreciate knowing when corrections need to be made.

Review by A.M. 7/16/2019

Grassy, Perfect


I adore adding this to my facial oils to keep them from becoming too oily. My face has glowed since I started using it.

Review by Elizabeth 11/16/2017

Extremely interesting


Another fragrance that begs to be located somewhere in my early subconscious. It lies somewhere between clover, fresh mown lawn (minus the lawnmower oil and exhaust) and cucumber, if cucumber could flicker between cool/wet and warm/dry. Its scent fills me up behind the forehead. (It also mingles surprisingly well with goat milk soap!) I am blending it with Agarwood for a freshly-rained upon idea. I am also really excited to blend this with absolutes of tuberose, orange blossom, and/or white lotus for a dewy, slurpy, leafy floral, like sucking rain off of petals. All in all just an incredible inhalation of possibility! And I like that it is for "new beginnings and overcoming shyness." I can feel that fully.

Review by Rebecca 6/15/2016

Confusing in a good way...


I admit I was expecting a suggestion of violet candies. I know, I know.. but I got it on a whim because I was lacking a "green" ingredient. Well this one SCREAMS green.. Almost like a fresh, juicy green pepper! I was turned off initially, but I decided a few months later to experiment with diluting it and mixing a few drops into other blends... NOW i get it. It has the ability to brighten up a blend that may be cloying in the same way that (as a chef) I would use fresh lime to brighten up a cooked berry compote. I am excited to continue experimenting with it. It seems to be a necessary element in a perfumer's toolbox.

Review by John 1/11/2016

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