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Salvia apiana Jeps.


Our White Sage, grown at a small family farm in Southern California, has a fresh, cooling, somewhat powerful, strongly camphoraceous aroma, with a mild cineolic aroma reminiscent of Rosemary.


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Our White Sage, grown at a small family farm in Southern California, has a fresh, cooling, somewhat powerful, strongly camphoraceous aroma, with a mild cineolic aroma reminiscent of Rosemary. Due to its popularity, over-harvesting of wild White Sage populations is an ongoing concern with conservationists and Native peoples. Mindful use of this precious essential oil obtained only from farmed sources is prudent.  Cultivated and unsprayed.

The plant is native to the southwestern United States and northwestern Mexico, found mainly in the coastal sage scrub habitat of Southern California and Baja California, on the western edges of the Mojave and Sonoran deserts.[1] Calming and cleansing, White Sage is traditionally used to make smudge sticks and for ceremonial purposes and is widely used as a soapless shampoo and conditioning rinse by Southern California Indians.

 Although many Americans know the common Sage (S. officinalis) found in gardens and kitchens, the less familiar White Sage (Salvia apiana) is a larger, hardier shrub whose silvery, evergreen leaves have been traditionally used for ceremonial cleansing.[2] The aroma of White Sage can be diffused to refresh room environments, or a drop of the oil can be rubbed on the hands to clear energy between clients.[3] Although there is very little data on White Sage essential oil, the broad constituent profile and the balance of potent aromatics indicates beneficial uses in diffusers or room sprays, massage and chest rubs, steams or saunas, or in specialized skincare preparations.

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2 Fischer-Rizzi, Susanne. Complete Aromatherapy Handbook - Essential Oils for Radiant Health, 1990, p, 209.

3 Industry communication.

4 Tisserand, Robert and Rodney Young. Essential Oil Safety, 2nd ed., 2014, p. 416.

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Customer Reviews

Ages beautifully


Although I love this oil when it's fresh I came accross an old bottle I had from around 10 years ago that had around 1ml left. Almost all the camphorous notes are gone and it smells sweet almost like fizzy candy but in a sophisticated way. I would stash a bottle away just for that! Beautiful oil

Review by Bobby'seven 4/26/2023



It has a penetrating camphorous, eucalyptus & rosemary-like scent. Out of ALL Essential oils, from mint to citruses, this one is the ONLY ONE that gives me motivation and helps fatigue.

Review by Brad 5/18/2021

Needs to be diluted to get scent


Many essential oils can be used neat without dilution. This is one that is so strong, it's almost overbearing at first with a penetrating camphor & eucalyptus scent & something else I can't describe. The drydown seems mildy camphorous & herbal with eucalyptus scent dissipating. Had to dilute because it was too strong to get an accurate scent profile. NOT like any other sage. Much stronger

Review by Allie 4/11/2021

Love white sage!!


Smells just like white sage. This is the real deal!!

Review by Maidbyapryl 5/26/2020

Sourcing is Important


I'm happy to endorse companies that utilize small business farms for their products. Thank you, Eden. Always ask for reputable and ethically sourced white sage (Salvia apiana), since many bulk suppliers rip the sage out of the wild, harming more than just the sage. Poaching in the diminishing Southern California wild leads many native plants to concern lists and potentially endangerment, meaning the availability and price only increases until the plant goes the way of the Silphium (loved to death).

Review by Native Plants of SoCal 2/19/2020

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