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Butter CO2 total extract is a ‘maverick’ in the natural perfumery world, being animal rather than botanical in origin. Its aromatic profile is, of course, buttery with very rich cream/milk notes that trigger


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Butter CO2 total extract is a ‘maverick’ in the natural perfumery world, being animal rather than botanical in origin. Its aromatic profile is, of course, buttery with very rich cream/milk notes that trigger olfactory memories of buttered popcorn and movie theatres, butterscotch, or shortbread; it has a silky, creamy drydown with a lingering fatty note. In perfumery, Butter CO2 has excellent fixative qualities and is used in small amounts to compliment white flower oils such as Jasmine, Champaca, Ylang Ylang, and Neroli. It also has an exalting effect on base notes and adds depth to floral bases.[1] A small amount of rosemary antioxidant has been added for shelf-life stability.

The principal constituents in our Butter CO2 are Palmitic Acid, Oleic Acid, Myristic Acid, Lauric Acid, Stearic Acid, and Capric Acid, with smaller amounts of other fatty acids.[2] With this extraordinary lineup of nourishing components known to be beneficial for skincare, Butter CO2 is worthy of consideration when formulating body and skin care products – there are a number of international cosmetic companies that incorporate Butyrum in their skin care lines.[3]

Our Butter CO2 contains a small percentage of Rosemary Antioxidant CO2 – Organic to help maintain freshness

1 Private communication.

2 Industry communication.

3 http://www.cosmeticanalysis.com/cosmetic-ingredients/butyrum.html

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5 Private communication.

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Customer Reviews

Definitely lifts up florals


It truly does lift up and make floral notes and other "hard to fix" heart notes stand out in a natural perfume. I tend to use butter CO2 when other fixatives do not seem to hold. I will be buying again.

Review by J 10/12/2023

almost odorless


extremely weak and barely perceptible compared to the same product from another seller.

Review by h 1/4/2023

Dreadful stench: smells like cheese or rancid ghee!


I'm so sorry! I placed this order for the butter Co2! I'm so glad I bought others samples because, instead of smelling divine like European creamy butter, this is reeks of B.O.! Awful does not begin to describe it. Unless I got a perished sample? I once bought ghee and it was delicious. I bought another during the summer and it had turned and smelled rancid, EXACTLY like this sample. I dreamed of the gourmet blends I was going with this gourmand scent. Sadly, I'm so sorry to tell it like it is as I smell it and: it's a dud!

Review by Black Pepper 7/21/2020

My new favorite item


Very interesting, I like it when the first sniff (friends and family like it too). Can't wait to try it in making perfume. This is a must try if you like gourmand notes

Review by Faceless void 12/5/2017

Heavenly gourmand note!


Wow, wow, wow! I was looking for a natural "milk" note to create an Earl Grey tea inspired perfume. By suggestion of Eden Botanicals amazing staff, I purchased this and tinctured some black tea. I whipped this little butter note into the blend, plus some FCF Bergamot and WHAM, Earl Grey. It IS buttery at first but goes into a cream accord on the dry down. It just takes some futzing with. Here's a tip: Dilute your oils/raw materials first before using so you don't waste these precious notes getting the blend the way you want. A staple in natural perfumery! Go butter baby, go!

Review by Miss Layla 9/21/2017

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