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Butter CO2 total extract is a ‘maverick’ in the natural perfumery world, being animal rather than botanical in origin. Its aromatic profile is, of course, buttery with very rich cream/milk notes that trigger


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Butter CO2 total extract is a ‘maverick’ in the natural perfumery world, being animal rather than botanical in origin. Its aromatic profile is, of course, buttery with very rich cream/milk notes that trigger olfactory memories of buttered popcorn and movie theatres, butterscotch, or shortbread; it has a silky, creamy drydown with a lingering fatty note. In perfumery, Butter CO2 has excellent fixative qualities and is used in small amounts to compliment white flower oils such as Jasmine, Champaca, Ylang Ylang, and Neroli. It also has an exalting effect on base notes and adds depth to floral bases.[1] A small amount of rosemary antioxidant has been added for shelf-life stability.

The principal constituents in our Butter CO2 are Palmitic Acid, Oleic Acid, Myristic Acid, Lauric Acid, Stearic Acid, and Capric Acid, with smaller amounts of other fatty acids.[2] With this extraordinary lineup of nourishing components known to be beneficial for skincare, Butter CO2 is worthy of consideration when formulating body and skin care products – there are a number of international cosmetic companies that incorporate Butyrum in their skin care lines.[3]

Our Butter CO2 contains a small percentage of Rosemary Antioxidant CO2 – Organic to help maintain freshness

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2 Industry communication.

3 http://www.cosmeticanalysis.com/cosmetic-ingredients/butyrum.html

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Customer Reviews

Ghee wizzz!


If you have ever smelled Ghee before this is exactly what it smells like...Clarified Butter....It is amazingly tenacious, seems to last hours on my skin...I made a blend with Cacao,Vanilla,Bitter Almond, and Peru Balsam for sweetness and wow it is amazing!!

Review by Aroma Alchemist 9/2/2016

Natural Dairy Cream Note


I was looking to add a "milk" note to one of my natural lotions. This fits the bill perfectly. As others said, it's not the popcorn butter fragrance you find elsewhere with (mostly) synthetics, but a true dairy cream fragrance--like sticking your nose in the milk carton. I'm now imagining all the gourmand blends I can create with this oil! Thank you for shipping this and all of my oils so quickly :)

Review by Erica 7/28/2016



When I received my sample I think I was expecting the smell of fresh, solid sweet butter--I was surprised to be met instead with the OTHER true butter smell, the almost piercingly salty, melted version. I have not diluted this yet for use in blends but it is unmistakably buttery and concentrated. Saving my sample for when inspiration strikes; I can see keeping this in steady quantity once I commit to crafting some gourmands.

Review by Rebecca 7/7/2016

Makes everything better


I've tried quite a few synthetic butter FOs, which all smelled like nasty movie theater popcorn. This butter is infinitely better, probably because it comes from the real deal. It's rich, creamy and has the fatty-oily texture. I use it in quite a few blends, and have yet to be disappointed. It pairs marvelously with any vanilla, cacao absolute, most citrus, and baking spices like cardamom, cinnamon, clove and nutmeg. You can also get a really amazing "Brown butter" note by adding tonka bean into the mix! Absolutely in love with Butter CO2!!

Review by Meredith 1/25/2016



It smells offensive out of the bottle but just a drop will do you for a rich popcorn flavor, and it actually blends incredibly well! It's my secret ingredient in a light floral blend which gives it depth. I am in newfound appreciation for it. If you're up for a perfume design challenge, bring on the butter! Hint- use it first. ;)

Review by CS 3/16/2013

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