Fennel, Sweet - Organic EO

Foeniculum vulgare ssp. capillaceum var. dulce (synonym of Foeniculum vulgare Mill.)


Our organic Sweet Fennel essential oil has a very sweet, intense anise/licorice-like, slightly camphoraceous and somewhat citrus-like aroma with earthy, peppery undertones.


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Product Overview

Our organic Sweet Fennel essential oil has a very sweet, intense anise/licorice-like, slightly camphoraceous and somewhat citrus-like aroma with earthy, peppery undertones.

It is distilled from the seeds of Foeniculum vulgare, a tall biennial herb that since ancient times has been associated with longevity, strength and courage.[1] Indigenous to Mediterranean countries, the seeds were carried by both Roman soldiers and devout pilgrims during long journeys.[2] Both Tisserand and Peter and Kate Damien concur that Fennel’s properties make it an ideal addition to topical preparations, particularly in massage for local application to the abdomen and lower back.[3],[4] Minimal application and a low dilution ratio of 1% are recommended for this type of massage. 

The molecular composition of organic Sweet Fennel is surprisingly diverse, featuring (E)-anethole, limonene, α- and ß-pinenes, estragole, α-phellandrene, and less than 1.0 percent of many other constituents, including fenchone (a ketone).[5] Highly etheric oils like Sweet Fennel are extremely "drying" and as such, may be useful in massage for damp skin, helping to improve the appearance of puffiness. It is also suitable for chest rubs, oily and mature skin preparations, and in diffusers.

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Customer Reviews

Love it


I bought this a few years ago and I still use it when I make licorice perfume oil. It smells fantastic and just as it should

Review by sandy 2/29/2020

Not the way I like fennel


Earthy low mid notes that in my opinion sour the oil. I usually feel fennel in my gut but when I smell this fennel I feel sick to my stomach.

Review by Justin 1/8/2018

Wow !


Really smells of anise, black licorice but very pure and crisp smelling . Can't wait to try this out !

Review by Donna 8/25/2015

Delicious scent of fresh fennel


This is a delicious fennel, greatly concentrated, no unexpected notes just nice bright sweet fennel. I have used it for stomach ache and in pain blends. Mostly I use it for its exquisite scent. I happen to love fennel and this oil really brings out the most beautiful aspect of the herb. It smells very very pure. I keep mine in the fridge as it is my understanding that fennel is one of the oils that undergoes chemical changes (for the worse) relatively quickly and that keeping it colder can slow the oxidation. I have had mine for maybe a year, though, and in terms of scent it is still wonderful.

Review by bergamotpinenut 8/30/2014

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