Oakmoss Absolute

Evernia prunastri L.


Our very fine Oakmoss Absolute has dry, earthy, bark and pine-like top notes over smooth, rich notes of moss, wood, decaying leaf, fungus, lichen, and damp earth notes. The aroma is deep, mysterious, and evocative. As one customer review states, our Oakmoss Absolute conveys the aroma of a faerie wood –


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Product Overview

Until recently, Oakmoss Absolutes have contained potential allergens with a high risk of skin sensitization; ours is extracted in France, contains a low percentage of atranol (a known contact allergen) and meets international standards. Most Oakmoss extracts are now currently restricted for use by the IFRA – the International Fragrance Association – but ours is IFRA-compliant; see IFRA conformity certificate in the Documentation section above. The absolute is solvent and alcohol extracted from Evernia prunastri, a lichen that grows on mostly oak trees.[1]

1 Rhind, Jennifer Peace. Fragrance and Wellbeing, 2014, p. 273.

2 Industry communication.

3 Arctander, Steffen. Perfume and Flavor Materials of Natural Origin, 1960, p. 448.

4 Tisserand, Robert and Rodney Young. Essential Oil Safety, 2nd ed., 2014, p. 368.

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Customer Reviews

One of my favorites


This oakmoss absolute is simply beautiful, rich, earthy, damp moss and woods. I dilute to 10% by weight with Everclear though it takes a bit of time. It is a very good fixative and adds depth to blends, even florals.

Review by robin 1/8/2020

Not sure


By itself it has that smoked wood smell, but occasionally when I add it to blends, it makes the blend smell "fishy" and ruins the blend. I thought it was something I did wrong in the blend, but I just tried it again and found it very unappealing. Could it be the way I'm diluting the absolute? Because I'm a natural perfumer, I use 190 proof Everclear. Any suggestion would be helpful. A customer responds to Erica: Dear Erica, 190 proof everclear is 92.4% alcohol and might interfere (i.e muddy) the final product. With that in mind, in your situation, I would say dilute it to 10% or 1% with perfumer alcohol or different carrier. Maybe almond oil or jojoba? Personally, and this might seem wild, but Pomegranate gave it an interesting profile and made it into something for my girlfriend. Experiment with it drop by different carrier drop. Maybe it's just way too dominate and may need a couple days to macerate (settle down) before being reintroduced to the product. I can't fully comment on the variability of Oakmoss, because I'm unsure of the handling and other components mixed into oakmoss. Be patient, try again, and have fun!

Review by Erica 12/27/2018



Just with a small whiff from the bottle I can tell this is what I was looking for! Smokey, leathery, earth notes, very dirty but in the good way. I'm a oud 27 addict and this alone seems like a big part of le labos oud fragrance it's absolutely amazing. I want to just hold it at my nose all day. If you're looking for a dark damp leathery smoke scent this is it! Again perfect Eden.

Review by Eucharist 12/7/2018

incredible, consistant quality!


I ordered a small bottle of this oakmoss about two years ago, and it smells exactly the same today! Damp moss, magical woodlands, a little bit sweet and a little bit leafy. Absolutely love that this is IRFA compliant! Well worth the largest size bottle possible, I will be picking one up very soon and I suggest you do the same.

Review by J 9/29/2017

Smells different


The oakmoss I just received smells much different than when I previously ordered some a while back and even that was the IFRA compliant version, and I mean that in a very good way. This one smells more green and earthy, like true oakmoss, whereas the previous version smelled more like musk.

Review by Justin 8/30/2016

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