Tonka Bean Butter - Organic

Dipteryx odorata (Aubl.) Willd.


Our organic Tonka Bean Butter is destined to become a favorite body care ingredient. Comprised of 94-96% fatty acids, the delightful almond/hay-like aroma of this aromatic material makes it perfect for use in small amounts in dry, mature and sensitive skin products,


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Oleic acid (an Omega 9 fatty acid) is the predominant fatty acid present in Tonka Bean Butter (nearly 50%)[2]; though not an essential fatty acid, Oleic acid helps to maintain moisture in the skin and helps improve the appearance of mature skin.[3],[4] Other fatty acids found in Tonka Bean Butter are linoleic acid, behenic acid, lignoceric acid, palmitic acid, and several others.[5]

Historically, the beans (which are technically seeds[6]) of the Tonka tree are removed from the ripe fruits and further processed to produce the aromatic substance coumarin[7], a material that has a very rich, sweet, hay-like aroma.[8] According to Steffen Arctander, the fatty oils found in Tonka beans contain coumarin and other aromatic substances.[9]

In natural perfumery, Tonka Bean is used as a non-floral sweetener for introducing warm notes in chypres, fougères, new mown hay bases, Amber bases, Lavender bouquets, etc. It can add a natural gourmand effect in white flower accords, such as tuberose, and also harmonizes well with vanilla, leather and tobacco notes. Prior to the availability of synthetic coumarin, tinctures of Tonka beans were long used as a source of natural coumarin, the compound responsible for the beans’ sweet Vanilla-like aroma.[10] Groom states “About 10% of all modern quality perfumes contain Tonka, examples being Je Reviens, Raffinée, and Red, and it appears among the main ingredients of some 13% of quality fragrances for men.”[11]

Also worth noting, and contrary to coumarin’s reputation, Tisserand cites that “humans are not at risk from externally applied coumarin, and no toxic effects have been reported for any coumarin-containing essential oil or absolute. … We see no need for a coumarin dermal limit, either for toxicity or skin sensitization.”[12]

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Customer Reviews



We love using tonka bean in our meats, in the Caribbean. It's so delicious to smell. Takes me back to home and home cooking.

Review by Vee 5/4/2019

Magical warm goodness


I am just getting started in the world of essential oils, and it took a turn quite quickly~ I have become so addicted to procuring the latest and greatest scents based on reviews I read that spark my interest, and Jeff’s below sparked my interest into trying something more perfume-based.... I purchased this sample, along with lavender absolute to blend with patchouli in his perfume recipe, and it. is. PERFECTION..... I have never smelled anything like this before in my life, this wonderful warm and soothing blend of ingredients~ much akin to a chai latte but deeper and warmer, more enveloping, more soothing, and then you get a whiff of the floral from the lavender~ just a hint~ then the patchouli.... oh, I wish I had a perfumist’s nose to better describe as they do with words and poetry, but all I have is my deep well of emotion that thanks Jeff and Eden Botanicals for providing my life experience with this :))

Review by Helene 3/18/2018



The scent is exactly as described. So rich and lovely. It really brings a complexity to my homemade rollerball recipes and the scent is gentle (I don't end up needing to use a lot) and long lasting.

Review by Sarah 9/14/2017

Quickly becoming my favorite.


I didn't like the smell of this at first and didn't have much luck with using it in blends until I combined it in a blend alongside Patchouli Light and Lavender Absolute as two of the main constituents. That trio is a match made in heaven. The Tonka Butter really marries well with those other two scents and seems to prolong their most beautiful elements for several hours. The Tonka Butter lends something magical to the other two and after a few minutes on the skin the whole takes on an aroma that I can't stop smelling and that only gets more incredible as the day passes. I've taken to wearing it on my forearms and temples so that I can return to it throughout the day as it changes. There's a grape-like, soft purple, powdery note; soft and deep and extremely tenacious. Thank you Eden Botanicals.

Review by Jeff 5/15/2017



I didnt know what to expect when I opened my sample.. But to my surprise it is nothing short of AMAZING is the first thing that comes to mind. Yummy.Vanilla.with a little spice! To me it kind of smells like a vanilla chai latte... and Im in love!!

Review by Sam 11/6/2016

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