Jasmine Sambac Absolute - 10%

Jasminum sambac (L.) Aiton


Our Jasmine Sambac Absolute – 10% is an extremely beautiful oil for Jasmine lovers. It is blended in 90% organic Fractionated Coconut Oil to create a long lasting diluted Jasmine that is easily incorporated into your fixed oil-based blends. It may also be used as is for a natural perfume. Jasmine Sambac has a


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Our Jasmine Sambac Absolute – 10% is an extremely beautiful oil for Jasmine lovers. It is blended in 90% organic Fractionated Coconut Oil to create a long lasting diluted Jasmine that is easily incorporated into your fixed oil-based blends. It may also be used as is for a natural perfume. Jasmine Sambac has a slightly different aroma than Jasmine grandiflorum – it is not as sweet as our Jasmine Absolutes from India and Egypt. Its somewhat green and fruity initial aroma is followed by the characteristic floral/honey/tea notes that become sweeter in the drydown. Our Jasmine Sambac is ideal in natural perfumery for a greener, lighter and fresher Jasmine aroma.

Jasmine has been among the principal ingredients of more than 80% of all quality perfumes and a third of all men’s fragrances[1] The sensual aroma is exhilarating and playful, and according to Patricia Davis, brings together the fiery dynamism associated with the masculine aspect (yang) and the soft earthiness of the feminine (yin).[2] The uninhibited aroma evokes lightness and joy, setting the stage for physical awareness and imagination. It is no wonder that the flowers, thought to awaken the spiritual nature of intimacy, have been used traditionally in some cultures to decorate the bed of newlyweds. In magical spiritual traditions, Jasmine is used as a devotional anointing oil and is worn for blessings and good luck.[3]

One look at the chemistry of this seductive aroma explains a lot about its sensual appeal. Amid a bouquet of complex flowery esters, including methyl anthranilate, is the queen of floral aromas, indole, but only if smelled in low concentrations; it occurs naturally in human feces and, at full strength, has an intense fecal odor. At very low concentrations, however, it is intensely floral and appears in some of the sweetest blossoms – for example Narcissus, Jonquil, Honeysuckle, Champaca and Neroli – and is highly regarded in natural perfumery.

Jasmine vines in full flower have a voluptuous aroma that surrounds and embraces anyone who passes. Indeed, no other floral aroma can compare to Jasmine’s legendary effects. The aroma of Jasmine is said to blend with virtually everything and is an indispensable ingredient for the natural perfumer.

This product is diluted for ease of use and contains 10% Jasmine Sambac Absolute in 90% Fractionated Coconut Oil – Organic. For the pure and undiluted version of this oil, please see our Jasmine Sambac Absolute.

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Customer Reviews



Just received a sample of this wonderful absolute. The scent is gorgeous and I cannot wait to incorporate it in to a product. It is heady without being cloying. It smells exactly like the night blooming shrub that we call "Lady in the Night" in my country and the scent has brought back all sorts of wonderful memories. I am wearing it as I write this review and I have the biggest smile on my face. I will be purchasing a larger size shortly.

Review by Patti-Ann 4/27/2019



This is THE jasmine I had been searching for. It is green and natural and reminds me of being outside in the botanical gardens. As if you distilled a bouquet of jasmine for real. And entire 1/4 bottle in about a quarter of coconut oil is still PLENTY strongly perfumed. Best price for Sambac I have seen anywhere!

Review by Paulette 10/3/2017

Not even worth one star!


Maybe I got a bad patch but it smells like carrier only. I feel as if I totally wasted my money. Next time I'll just invest in the good one, money down the tubes, I already have a bottle of inexpensive carrier, didn't need this in my collection for sure. Don't waste your money. Response from the oil room: We’re so sorry to hear that you are unhappy with our Jasmine Sambac Dilution, SandyF. For assistance, please contact customer service. We would be happy to help! We would very much like to look into this issue if you can tell us the lot you received.

Review by SandyF 7/26/2017

Lilacs and Jasmine Tea


Rich, heady and narcotic night flower. Opens kinda green to me, very nice and reminds me of jasmine tea! Some banana tones, a peachy floralness I've found in grandiflorums. But there is this fruity purple wave that reminds me intensely of lilacs!! Very balsamic and super sweet but not offensively so, it's a subtle scent. I've noticed this in some cleaning products like house keeping air fresheners and a few other places. A new favorite of mine from Eden. It's base is also very much like lilac in its long, waxy dry out. Growing up in a place where lilacs can be seen crowding an alley way or taking over someone's fence, it's nice to find an oil that can remind one of such plants and aromas. Yes!!!

Review by MD 1/12/2017

Very Lush


Don't let the 10% dilution fool you, this is a full bodied, lush, intoxicating scent. It is sweet without being cloying and overbearing. It is head and shoulders above any scent you will find labeled as jasmine in any store. Even in the dry out it retains it sweetness just softening a bit. It reminded me a little of lilac in the dry out. They both have that soft, sweet scent that envelopes you.

Review by Sherry 6/10/2015

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