Seaweed Absolute

Fucus vesiculosus L.


Seaweed Absolute is a powerful perfume material and an important aspect of the 'marine' fragrance concept. Ours has an oceanic green-herbaceous, dry-woody/phenolic aroma with soft leather undertones and the true scent of exposed seaweed at the ocean’s shore. 


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Seaweed Absolute is a powerful perfume material and an important aspect of the 'marine' fragrance concept. Ours has an oceanic green-herbaceous, dry-woody/phenolic aroma with soft leather undertones and the true scent of exposed seaweed at the ocean’s shore. Delivering slightly salty marine notes, it is also used to add subtle hints of hay, smoke and walnut[1]. Natural perfumers may find Seaweed Absolute an excellent ingredient in the creation of a unique moss base, or for adding interest to green/fresh compositions.

Also known as bladderwrack, Fucus vesiculosus is a brown algae that attaches to rocks, but whose fronds are lined with buoyant air-bladders that maximize sunlight and grow to lengths that can exceed one meter. This marine plant contains iodine (from the Greek ioeides, or 'violet-colored', hence ionones in Violet Leaf Absolute) and is well equipped to thrive in cold ocean waters.[2] The raw material for our Seaweed Absolute is harvested all year long off the coast of Brittany in northwestern France. After harvesting, the seaweed is dried, ground into a powder and solvent extracted to produce a remarkable Seaweed Absolute with its characteristic iodized oceanic notes.[3]

Fucus vesiculosus, freshly washed up on a seashore, is true to what is meant by 'seaweed' in the context of odors and, "with due caution, to bury one’s nose in a mass of the stuff is to experience something of the boundless tracts far beyond the distant horizon."[4] And while most of humanity might wrinkle their noses at the scent of Seaweed, many Asian peoples who grew up with this marine plant on the menu find its aroma rather alluring. 

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Customer Reviews

Just what I was expecting & looking for.


Depending on how you dilute and blend, it brings the sea to you exactly. I combined it with ambrette, armoise, osmanthus, a few other oils and created a lovely perfume.

Review by ghblender 9/22/2022

What happened to the dead fish note.... YES!! Gone!


This was a nice specimen as the dead fish note was absent. So I picked up more salty, sultry breezes, fresh deep water, a nice leathery note below the mouth watering nori note (makes me crave dried seaweed, even sushi!) But then the purple.... I was nudged in the way of violet and totally understood why I pair this with purple and violet notes. It's very elusive but floral in mysterious way. It took years but I'm still a fan! Also... This was the first time I used it in alcohol 195 proof to be exact. Maybe this cleaned it up and opened it? Maybe I just got a good batch. As a stand alone perfume to get an idea where this goes, grab: A 6 drop tiny sample Fill with alcohol A 4 oz Eden Botanicals spray Amber glass Fill with alcohol. Combine the two together and bam! The best way to experience this... I've noticed the opening where the mist comes out, this can get fish like... 2 or 3 pumps and it comes back. Thought I ruined another seaweed sample. So good!

Review by MD 8/23/2019

Ocean musk


I love it! Sure it's fishy sometimes, even at 10% but it mellows. If blended right, the dead fish can vanish into the jet steam of the high pressured hydraulics deep with in. Tasty nori and a slick, dark leathery love unravel after the back flow has subsided. I can definitely see how sea weed can make that salty sea breeze air. Idk if this gives off O3 or ozone, but the nasal illusion of such is present. It made an ambergris blend of mine, now almost 3 years old, a violet whitlpool, a cyclone! The wet, deep sea fathoms and ocean pressure felt on the nose is almost startling. Thank you for the treat that made these creations just.. gorgeous! Please keep this kelpy, fishy mermaid for years to come!

Review by MD 1/19/2017

Love the challenge


I've been trying to wrestle this ingredient into submission for more than a year! It changes dramaticly over time and dilution. It is an endless source of surprise and hilarity! Everything from a lovely dead fish concoction which I couldnt bring myself to throw out 6 months later turned into a beautiful leathery storm at sea. I have found it unstable, sometimes disappearing sometimes overwhelming. My latest experiments include violet leaf, patchouli, beeswax, various peppers. Patience, perseverence are also are also nessesary ingredients!

Review by IM 1/13/2017

Worth every penny!


I had been trying for quite some time to create ocean/marine based scents and they were alright but something was missing, I just couldn't picture the sea when I wore them. I diluted the oil very carefully and counted drop by drop and diluted it to 5% in jojoba oil (you have to heat the oil carefully to do this correctly.) Straight out of the bottle the smell is too heavy but diluted...amazing. This helps capture the scent I've been looking for and reminds me a bit of Oakmoss, which I also love.

Review by Eva 11/8/2016

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