Raspberry Seed CO2 - Organic

Rubus idaeus L.


Our exquisite organic Raspberry Seed CO2 Total Extract – a specialty carrier oil that is highly valued in body, skin care, and cosmetic use – is an exceptionally light, dry, non-occlusive oil that quickly moisturizes and nourishes


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Product Overview

A high antioxidant and phospholipid content gives this carrier oil its long shelf life[2],[3], much longer than cold pressed carrier oils. The low temperature CO2 process (up to 104˚F/40˚C) ensures a product that more closely resembles that which is found in the raw plant material.[4] In addition, CO2 carrier oils meet strict heavy metal requirements and contain no carbohydrates, protein, or inorganic salts.[5]

Raspberry Seed CO2 has an exceptionally high Vitamin E and pro-vitamin A content[6] and high concentrations of essential fatty acids: linoleic acid, α-linolenic acid, and oleic acid.[7] This nourishing seed oil is beneficial in cosmetic applications for supporting the skin’s moisture barrier and elasticity and improving the appearance of aging and exposure.

Our organic Raspberry Seed CO2 contains a small percentage of Rosemary Antioxidant CO2 – Organic to help maintain freshness.

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Customer Reviews



this softens my skin!! :D absorbs quickly and has a very discreet rich dry herbal aroma like hay.

Review by Juan 10/7/2020



I absolutely love this oil. Absorbs really well and make skin so soft. Definitely 5 stars. Buying more!

Review by Xtine66 3/15/2019

Exceptional oil!


This raspberry seed oil has such a great feel and a kind of nutty, sweet scent that is so pleasant. It absorbs quickly into the skin and leaves it feeling so soft. I have started putting it in everything!

Review by Dawn 11/9/2018

Excellent Raspberry CO2


I ordered this CO2 raspberry carrier & another raspberry NON-CO2 from another company. Not only was pricing better here, but the oil is by far superior to the non CO2 version! It absorbs FAST (just sinks into your skin), and the smell & taste (yes, I taste tested it) is just plain awesome!! LOVE IT and will be reordering more!! Thank-you for carrying such an outstanding product! Highly recommend!!!

Review by ggustav 5/17/2018

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