Rosemary Antioxidant CO2 - Organic

Salvia rosmarinus L. [synonym: Rosmarinus officinalis]


Our certified organic Rosemary Antioxidant is an oil-soluble CO2 extract from the leaves of Salvia rosmarinus. It is a viscous liquid that provides natural antioxidant properties greater than mixed tocopherols, however, it has a mild Rosemary aroma. Rosemary Antioxidant CO2 (also known as


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Of the natural antioxidants, Rosemary has consistently shown some of the highest activity. This has been attributed to two phenolic diterpenes – carnosol and carnosic acid – but the presence of α-pinene, bornyl acetate, camphor and 1,8-cineole amplify the effects of their preservative qualities.[1]

Organic Rosemary Antioxidant CO2 is not likely to turn up in natural perfumery, nor is it intended for aromatherapy, or for use in a diffuser. Yet this CO2 supercritical extract shines in the wings, in minute percentages, as a superior antioxidant and preservation system for handmade natural skin and body care preparations.[2] For retarding oxidation of fixed (carrier) oils and essential oils in cosmetic products, the recommended amount to add is 0.2 – 0.4% of the total formula. At these low percentages, Rosemary Antioxidant CO2’s mild aroma should not have an olfactory effect on your products.

PLEASE NOTE: It may be tempting to use Rosemary Antioxidant CO2 – Organic as the only preservative in skincare products. Although there is no recommended amount available for this purpose, this usage depends on each formulation. Rosemary Antioxidant is not the recommended preservative for water-based formulas. Please be aware that the product formulator is responsible for stability testing as well as germ grow testing (both are HIGHLY recommended) if using Rosemary Antioxidant as the sole preservative system, particularly for products to be sold on store shelves.

This product is standardized with 60-65% certified organic Sunflower Oil.



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Customer Reviews

Great for hair and beard


This stuff gives your hair a nice healthy look and a great smell. I like how much less intense this essential oil is. Makes my beard look wonderful. Thanks

Review by Henry 12/3/2019

Love It!


I love this product. Unlike the other reviewers I only use it as a preservative/antioxidant. It is a lot more economical than vitamin E and I find it easier to use. I add it to all my products except lip balm because I’m very sensitive to taste and smell and like my lip balms to be totally taste and scent free. In my salves and body butters the rosemary isn’t noticeable at all — with the other essential oils I add you can’t smell the rosemary at all and it doesn’t even change the color of the product (unlike blue yarrow :)). I also add it to all my essential oils to extend their shelf life (as recommended on another website). I was very hesitant to do it at first because I was affraid it might affect the scent of the essential oil, but I haven’t had any problems with that at all, not even with more subtle scented oils like bergamot. I’m happy to find this product certified organic at such a reasonable price. And for those of you not great at math and figuring out drops, like me, another EO website recommends using it at .2% which they say is the equivalent of 1-2 drops per fluid ounce, so I always use 2 drops per ounce and so far so good.

Review by Heather 4/12/2018

Full-bodied Rosemary


Much more subtle, rounded scent of the true rosemary plant than I ever get from rosemary EO and lacking in any of the sharpness of the EO with a little added tenacity of fragrance (but not much). The green hue is gorgeous, like the balsam fir absolute, and the warm woodiness of the rosemary would make these two an excellent pair. A fresh, forest smell. I plan on ordering this in larger quantities for, as the preceding reviewer stated, it's excellent for neat application to the skin or hair: Apply liberally to all the beards in your life.

Review by ShootingSun 1/7/2016

herby goodness


Love the aroma of this! After adding a good dab to all my face creams I said, "What the heck" and rubbed some directly all over my visage. Okay, so I looked a little "green" for a minute or so while the stuff sunk in but my complexion ultimately thanked me. This is so mild it can be used neat even on sensitive skin.

Review by DeeDee 2/24/2014

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