Patchouli, Light EO

Pogostemon cablin (Blanco) Benth.


Our Patchouli – Light essential oil is similar in aroma to our Dark Patchouli oil, but for those who find Dark Patchouli a bit too intense, the clearer, lighter character and more ‘free-spirited’ version of this Patchouli is a welcome alternative.


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Our Patchouli – Light essential oil is similar in aroma to our Dark Patchouli oil, but for those who find Dark Patchouli a bit too intense, the clearer, lighter character and more ‘free-spirited’ version of this Patchouli is a welcome alternative. Traditional distillation of many plants in less developed regions is often done in units made with reactive metals such as iron; contact between the metal and the plant material prompts metallic ions to be released into the essential oil, causing it to retain a darker color.[1] While Patchouli essential oil is often specifically distilled using metal stills to ensure the warm, dark color in the final product, the perfume industry considers this type of Patchouli undesirable because it has a disastrous effect on the stability of perfumes, causing discoloration of the end product[2]; instead the oil is treated to remove the iron coloring and is thereafter referred to as iron-free. For those who prefer it, our Patchouli – Light is distilled using non-reactive, stainless steel vessels and is free of iron coloration.

Patchouli is a misunderstood oil that has received an undeserved reputation in recent decades. Author Lizzie Ostrom comments in Perfume: A Century of Scents, "Patchouli oil was the perfume that pretended it wasn’t. Unlike those ‘stuffy’ Diors and Guerlains that were made from a long list of ingredients, this was a natural product, which meant untampered by humans (allegedly) and therefore authentic – straight from the Earth."[3] She adds that Patchouli and other supposedly au naturel scents were a signature of the hippie generation of the 1960s. The Patchouli oils of the day, most of questionable origin and quality, were used to mask the odor of cannabis and to deliver an earthy, rebellious and sexy appeal. Lingering cultural associations still color the reaction of many to this richly-storied and complex oil.

An authentic and truly fine Patchouli oil has a rich and deeply mysterious fragrance that may not be appreciated by many who claim that they "do not like" its scent. Frankly, it is best to approach the aroma of Patchouli in diluted form, on a scent strip, or combined with other essential oils (especially florals), rather than at full strength or directly from the bottle. Keep in mind that when first distilled, Patchouli has a pungency that can be quite pronounced, however a good quality Patchouli oil mellows with age and, when properly stored for a prolonged period, deepens, becomes rich and alluring, developing long-lasting sultry effects – "that full, rich, and almost fruity note for which the best grades of patchouli oil are renowned and so highly esteemed by expert perfumers."[4] Among its many benefits, Patchouli has a particular affinity for the skin, helping improve the appearance of tone, aging, fine lines and wrinkles, and dry skin and scalp.[5]

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Customer Reviews

Patchouli like Chinese medicine


The smell of Patchouli has bitter and rich aroma, just like Chinese medicine. I will recommend Patchouli mixed with Cedarwood, Clary Sage or Sandalwood, it's good for healing nervous disorders, helping with sores and acne also.

Review by Kero 9/17/2014

NICE! Similar to the Dark Patchouli


Sweet, rich, and earthy, this Patchouli is phenomenal. I own every Patchouli oil offered by Eden, and this and the Dark Patchouli are my favorites. I do not detect a huge difference between the Dark and the Light, other than the color. The dark is slightly richer, a tinge spicier. They both remain on the perfume blotter for about the same amount of time: VERY LONG LASTING.

Review by Golden Potion 9/3/2014



LOVE this patchouli!! Each one I have tried from Eden was great, all so similar, yet so different! Even patchouli haters may like this one!

Review by Amber 9/3/2014



This patchouli has a warm, rich and earthy aroma. I also pick up a fresh fruity undertone, but this might just be me. I used it as a perfume by blending it with other oils in a carrier oil. I could definitely pick out the patchouli in the fragrance and found it to be incredibly deep and grounding. To my surprise, the smell was also very long lasting on my skin. I would definitely order again for use in my blends.

Review by OilLover 9/1/2014



Patchouli brings back memories of my youth and the 70's. I have always loved the fragrance of Patchouli. A sense of freedom comes over me.

Review by Jean 8/31/2014

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