Orange Blossom Organic Extract

Citrus aurantium var. amara (synonym of Citrus x aurantium L.)


Our exquisite Orange Blossom Organic Extract is extracted via organic solvents and without using hexane. This makes the oil ideal for perfumery and skincare applications. It has the wonderful aroma of orange blossoms accompanied by a unique earthiness.


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Our exquisite Orange Blossom Organic Extract is extracted via organic solvents and without using hexane. This makes the oil ideal for perfumery and skincare applications. It has the wonderful aroma of orange blossoms accompanied by a unique earthiness. Particularly when well diluted, Orange Blossom quickly unfolds with incredibly seductive floral notes. It provides a warm floral heart note and adds opulence and depth when paired with the lighter Neroli (historical name for distilled Orange Blossom essential oil). Orange Blossom is a perfumer's specialty oil; intense and quite potent even in low concentrations, this oil is perfect for exotic and ambery scents, and in lending character and depth with amazing tenacity.

Orange Blossom is but one expression of the pure white blossoms of Citrus aurantium var amara, the Bitter Orange tree, a resilient evergreen of the Rutaceae family. Although these are the same flowers that are used to distill Neroli essential oil, Neroli and Orange Blossom Organic Extract are produced using very different processes, rendering fragrance materials with somewhat different aromas and textures. The absolute has a powerful aroma and is more viscous while the organic extract is darker in color and carries a more delicate aroma. Orange Blossom Organic Extract is perfect for skincare and for creating the very finest natural perfumes; it perfectly complements other citrus notes, florals, spices and woods.

The aroma of Orange Blossom is greatly defined by the presence of the aromatically sultry, erotic and ‘animalic’ indole. The presence of indole, in stark contrast with the spring maiden and bridal imagery of this pure white flower, perfectly illustrates the blurred lines between virgin beauty and sexy siren.[1] Its popularity is legendary – approximately 12% of all modern quality perfumes contain Orange Blossom.[2]

Low yield and labor-intensive harvesting methods make all Orange Blossom extracts a very costly endeavor – approximately one precious kilo of Orange Blossom Absolute is extracted from 1,000 kilos of freshly harvested flowers![3] The yield of Orange Blossom Organic Extract is probably at least comparable.


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Customer Reviews

Light and jasmine tea like


Straight out of the bottle its kinda weird so take that to heart! But once rubbed straight on skin it literally blooms. Its sweet, floral (but not at all HEAVY), tea like, smells a lot like jasmine tea! I LOVE IT. I ordered 6 sample bottles to give away to friends and family well that's not happening! I might use all the samples in my perfume because this is very light and want it to last a few hours. HEAVENLY.

Review by Amanda 6/10/2017



Commonly used in feminine fragrances. One of the best scents in existence.

Review by Cananga odorata 4/20/2016

Nectarous Neroli


This is such a lush floral! Fresh linen-like white floral with a nice green twist quickly reveals a heart of jelly and tasty goodness. A base of fine wax pulls all these together. A dab under the eyes and turn a tired worn out soul into a renewed, confident person. Great for emotional empowerment, support and uplifting, cheering up or even increasing an already happy person into ecstasy! Very nice with sandalwood, ambrette co2, ambers or even cocoa and other gourmands if one plans out carefully. Very fine on its own or I'm sure if the was mixed with neroli distilled - Egypt and/or Organic would make for super fine fragrance material. a good one to inspire an exotic or tropical mood.

Review by MD 8/28/2015

Five Stars


A little goes a long way but I'd rather add a whole lot. It's quite thick also; it is not like an essential oil. I can almost best describe the smell as an aldehydic marmalade scent. It, to me, smells slightly bitter sweet orange in the opening and kinds of dries to a soapy marmalade smell. Like a sweet cooked orange jammy smell. I don't know why it read that way to me but others might get a different take.

Review by Benjamin 6/28/2015



One of my favorites from Eden, I mix this with the Neroli extra 10% and this is my signature perfume. Super long lasting, calming, and helps any anxiety during stressful times. The depth and warmth of this oil is amazing,but there is also a cool, bright crispness. I will always mix up a bottle of this Neroli/Orange Blossom concoction when I run out. :)

Review by MIMI 2/10/2015

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