Orange Blossom Absolute

Citrus aurantium var. amara (synonym of Citrus x aurantium L.)


Our Orange Blossom Absolute from Egypt has an intense, indole-rich, warm, deep, extremely sweet yet non-cloying citrus floral aroma of excellent tenacity that deepens in the drydown; a subtle bitter-green backnote lends aliveness.


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Our Orange Blossom Absolute from Egypt has an intense, indole-rich, warm, deep, extremely sweet yet non-cloying citrus floral aroma of excellent tenacity that deepens in the drydown; a subtle bitter-green backnote lends aliveness. Particularly when well diluted, Orange Blossom quickly unfolds with incredibly seductive floral notes. It provides a warm floral heart note and adds opulence and depth when paired with the lighter Neroli (historical name for distilled Orange Blossom essential oil). Orange Blossom absolute is a perfumer's specialty oil; intense and quite potent even in low concentrations, this oil is perfect for exotic and ambery scents, and in lending character and depth with amazing tenacity.

Orange Blossom absolute is but one expression of the pure white blossoms of Citrus aurantium var amara, the Bitter Orange tree, a resilient evergreen of the Rutaceae family. Although these are the same flowers that are used to distill Neroli essential oil, Neroli and solvent extracted Orange Blossom absolute are produced using very different processes, rendering fragrance materials with somewhat different aromas and textures. The absolute has a powerful aroma and is more viscous while the essential oil is lighter in color and carries a more delicate aroma. Orange Blossom absolute is very popular for use as a fixative in fine natural perfumery and for the way it perfectly complements other citrus notes, florals, spices and woods.

The aroma of Orange Blossom absolute is greatly defined by the presence of the aromatically sultry, erotic and ‘animalic’ indole. The presence of indole, in stark contrast with the spring maiden and bridal imagery of this pure white flower, perfectly illustrates the blurred lines between virgin beauty and sexy siren.[1] Its popularity is legendary – approximately 12% of all modern quality perfumes contain Orange Blossom absolute.[2] Low yield and labor-intensive harvesting methods make Orange Blossom a very costly endeavor – only approximately 1 kilo of absolute is extracted from 1,000 kilos of freshly harvested flowers![3]

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Customer Reviews



This mixed with the steam distillation Egyptian neroli encompasses the perfect orange blossom accord. use 1:1 to get the sharpest opening and the most luscious dry down. I mix this with my own sandalwood distillations for spring attars. cant live without it.

Review by Goodness Nose 4/11/2024



I have a sample of some years ago and the smell is very enveloping, floral, powerful ... COCO CREAMY notes in the drying, I find it very harmonious and feminine.

Review by Juan Manuel 7/28/2018



The reviews lead to me to buy this citrus gem. I like that this one has a smokey note. My 6 drop sample added to a 1/8th oz empty bottle made a LOVELY dilution!! I think it's... 5 % dilution with that bottle and FCO?if I'm wrong, someone please inform me. Anyways, this held a special astringent taste to me via the smoke, so I placed it under some more bitter florals. Totally 5 STARS!

Review by MD 1/31/2018

Not what I expected


I'm not sure if it's the batch I received, but there is a gasoline/solvent note that doesn't go away. I think I'll stick to neroli. This absolute is not for me. Response from the oil room: Thank you for mentioning the solvent note you noticed. It’s not unusual for solvent extracted absolutes to have a ‘left-over’ solvent note; it indicates that the extract was not properly ‘aired’ prior to being shipped to us. We will conduct this process here in our facility. To eliminate this from your purchase, please uncap the container and allow it to set undisturbed at room temperature in a draft-free place for about two hours, then check the aroma; continue this process until the solvent aroma is gone. If you would prefer to proceed with a return or exchange of unused product, please feel free to contact customer service. We’d be happy to help!

Review by Teamoto 9/25/2017

Not sure...


I live in Southern California where in springtime, orange blossoms waft every which way all over town. That's what actually inspired me to make a perfume. I gathered blossoms all around town and soaked them in coconut oil; the smell is DIVINE. Literally the exact smell of a blossom. Maybe the difference is that those are sweet orange trees, and this one is from the bitter orange tree, but this absolute smells nothing like orange blossoms around here. To me it smells green, smoky, bitter, and not sweet or pretty in the slightest. The drydown is more tolerable but wow, this is not the tropical white flower small I was expecting at all :(

Review by Leilani 3/30/2017

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