Orange Blossom Absolute - Fine

Citrus aurantium var. amara (synonym of Citrus x aurantium L.)


If you truly love the aroma of orange orchards in bloom on a warm summer evening, then this oil is a must for your aromatic library. The aroma of our extra-fine Moroccan Orange Blossom Absolute is intensely sweet, rich, and warm with a delightful freshness, considering its depth and excellent tenacity,


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If you truly love the aroma of orange orchards in bloom on a warm summer evening, then this oil is a must for your aromatic library. The aroma of our extra-fine Moroccan Orange Blossom Absolute is intensely sweet, rich, and warm with a delightful freshness, considering its depth and excellent tenacity, and closely resembles the aroma of fresh bitter orange blossoms. It is a little brighter and sweeter than the Egyptian, but has the same amazing tenacity and intensity of aroma. Particularly when well diluted, Orange Blossom quickly unfolds with incredibly seductive floral notes. It provides a warm floral heart note and adds opulence and depth when paired with the lighter Neroli (historical name for distilled Orange Blossom essential oil). Orange Blossom absolute is a perfumer's specialty oil; intense and quite potent even in low concentrations, this oil is perfect for exotic and ambery scents, and in lending character and depth with amazing tenacity.

Orange Blossom absolute is but one expression of the pure white blossoms of Citrus aurantium var amara, the Bitter Orange tree, a resilient evergreen of the Rutaceae family. Although these are the same flowers that are used to distill Neroli essential oil, Neroli and solvent extracted Orange Blossom absolute are produced using very different processes, rendering fragrance materials with somewhat different aromas and textures. The absolute has a powerful aroma and is more viscous while the essential oil is lighter in color and carries a more delicate aroma. Orange Blossom absolute is very popular for use as a fixative in fine natural perfumery and for the way it perfectly complements other citrus notes, florals, spices and woods.

The aroma of Orange Blossom absolute is greatly defined by the presence of the aromatically sultry, erotic and ‘animalic’ indole. The presence of indole, in stark contrast with the spring maiden and bridal imagery of this pure white flower, perfectly illustrates the blurred lines between virgin beauty and sexy siren.[1] Its popularity is legendary – approximately 12% of all modern quality perfumes contain Orange Blossom absolute.[2] Low yield and labor-intensive harvesting methods make Orange Blossom a very costly endeavor – only approximately 1 kilo of absolute is extracted from 1,000 kilos of freshly harvested flowers![3]

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9 Reviews


Customer Reviews

Better than Neroli!


I agree. This is better than any of the finest Neroli or other orange blossoms for that fact. I can't wait to get another! Very powerful scent. Cliche but a little goes a long way

Review by Allie 3/30/2019



I have a sample of this absolute and the drying is the most faithful aroma of tuberose (polianthes tuberosa) .. even more real than the tuberous absolutes that EB sells ... Creamy, floral - Nardo, powerful, very diffusive and sweet .. . I mix it with Hedione, the subtle background of Iso E Super and this beautiful Absolute from Ejipto: it is a high-end feminine perfume; elegant and charming, sexy and naughty ... this mixture is the presence of a woman! Excellent Eden ...

Review by Juan Manuel 7/28/2018

Best ever


If I could give 10 stars I would... This is the best Orange Blossom oil I have ever smelled...Better than the finest Neroli I have smelled....Has none of the harsh soapy sharp notes that some orange blossom seems to have....smells just like the flower in great Job Eden...

Review by Aroma Alchemist 3/31/2018

Heavenly Awesome


I agree with all previous reviews. Received today - just the sample, and I too will eventually order a larger size. When I lived in AZ and would go "down to the Valley" which was Phoenix, at the time the citrus groves were in blossom, I would drive down Baseline and pull over and just sit and take in the aroma which filled the air for miles. INTOXICATING! I have longed to smell such "heaven" ever since I moved from AZ and feel that what I smelled today from that little sample vial, was just that - catapulted me back to that time and place. INTOXICATING!

Review by C 1/5/2018

Gorgeous Stunning - Nothing Like It


I love the smell of orange blossoms, and this absolute is SO amazing! It takes me to my own heavenly state of bliss. When I smell my tiny sample I am immediately transported straight to an orange tree in full blossom, with bees buzzing around the flowers. If you don't understand what I'm talking about then you need to order a tiny sample so that you too can travel to that orchard. If you do understand what I'm talking about, then, welcome to the orchard. I am saving my money to buy a bigger size at some point in the future. Thank you Eden Botanical, for once again making dreams.

Review by Tamara 4/28/2017

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