Myrrh CO2 - Organic

Commiphora myrrha (T.Nees) Engl.


The aroma of this exceptional organic Myrrh CO2 select extract is wonderfully warm, sweet-earthy, smooth, dense and rich with a soft leather note; the aroma becomes sweeter in the drydown and has excellent fixative properties.


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Product Overview

The significant history of Myrrh dates back thousands of years for its extensive use in topical preparations, perfumery, incense, and ritualistic ceremonies – it is a key element in Kyphi, one of the earliest known perfumes. Robert Tisserand observes: "The myrrh bush must be very hardy to be able to survive in the desert. Myrrh oil is equally strong, equally powerful; at the same time it is very safe to use, and perhaps more than any other aromatic has stood the test of time.”[2] Indeed, while the resinous ‘tears’ of Commiphora myrrha have inspired many a legend, often with themes of comfort and solace, understated Myrrh surprisingly turns up in sensual perfumes and other erotic anointments.


Commiphora resins contain an exceptionally wide array of molecules, from the most volatile aromatic monoterpenes to the weightier sesquiterpene and sesquiterpene lactone compounds – constituents that possess valuable skincare properties. The tranquil aroma of Myrrh is especially valued in meditation blends, dry skin preparations, foot lotions, after-shaves, and facial oils for mature skin.

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4 Reviews


Customer Reviews



it just smells like regular myrrh to me, but to my dad, I think his brain exploded

Review by blake 3/2/2024

Hearty and well rounded


It's more potent while also having a more refined profile than steam distilled. There's a full deep heart to this one whereas steam can sometimes feel watered down. You only need the slightest drop of this. Has a pronounced buttery richness like sap you could eat. Really love the co2 extracts available here

Review by Anthony 9/29/2023

Stronger scent than steam distilled


This co2 extract smells like the steam distilled oil but amplified. The steam distilled oil is less robust than this co2 extract. I prefer the co2 because it has a stronger myrrh scent

Review by Allie 4/12/2021

Better than steam Myrrh


I like the co2 extract better as I feel calm just like steam distilled Myrrh. It's thicker than the steam distilled. It mixes well with Vetiver as they are both calming & both last several years.

Review by Brad 10/31/2020

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