Frankincense CO2, Somalia

Boswellia carteri Birdw. (synonym of Boswellia sacra Flueck.)


Our exceptional Frankincense CO2 from Somalia is highly prized in perfume formulas as an outstanding fixative and for providing good tenacity. The CO2 extraction process captures a broader spectrum of the classic aromatic profile and offers greater stability to the oil compared to steam distilled Frankincense oil.


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Our exceptional Frankincense CO2 from Somalia is highly prized in perfume formulas as an outstanding fixative and for providing good tenacity. The CO2 extraction process captures a broader spectrum of the classic aromatic profile and offers greater stability to the oil compared to steam distilled Frankincense oil. Frankincense CO2 should age to perfection with its clear, rich, smooth, and outstanding aroma! Regarding Boswellia carteri and Boswellia sacra essential oils, recent research indicates that their chemical compositions are similar enough to be considered from the same species, however other attributes are sufficiently diverse as to support species differentiation.[1] 

Frankincense, along with other prized aromatics, spices, precious stones, rare woods, feathers, animal skins, and gold was transported by caravans on the Incense Route and enjoyed a flourishing trade from Yemen and Oman in the Arabian Peninsula to the Mediterranean for nearly 500 years.[2] Egyptians used Frankincense extensively, and the pharaohs believed that burning it allowed them to commune with the gods. Its Arabic name, Olibanum, is derived from al Luban, which means milk, a reference to the milky sap that exudes from the wound in a tree after an incision is made in the bark. The sap serves a purpose for the tree as it seals the incision from the elements; this exudate forms resinified ‘tears’ from which Frankincense oils are extracted.[3]

The supplier of the raw resin for making this extract is FairWild® certified whose team performs a ‘gentle harvest’ in an area where commercial lumbering is not permitted. That means only a few collecting families are authorized, thus yields are extremely limited. Their precious groves of Frankincense trees are rotated and scratched for gum harvest only every third year; scratching between leafing periods is strictly forbidden. Once a tree has been harvested, it is left to rest, unlike those of some other suppliers who exhaust their trees by harvesting twice per year or more.[4]

Once a rare and precious commodity used for millennia by many religious, shamanistic and secular cultures, Frankincense oil, like Myrrh, offers many different beneficial possibilities. It is especially valued for use in skincare preparations (with Patchouli or Neroli), in diffusers (with Lemon or Pine), for massage (with Palmarosa or Lavender),[5] and in meditation blends (with Sandalwood or Orange). Frankincense is legendary in its traditional and sacred uses and its ability to calm and elevate the spirit. [6, 7]

Each Frankincense oil that we offer is of exceptional quality, possessing unique features and characteristics distinct from one another. From a traditional view, one might choose one of our hydrodistilled Frankincense essential oils, particularly for aromatherapy purposes. However, both of our Frankincense CO2 oils offer the natural botanical perfumer a more complete aromatic profile with higher, brighter top notes and deeper, more complex bottom notes than the steam distilled Frankincense oils.

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Customer Reviews

Soft, heavy


I would say this is both a soft and heavy Frankincense, very pleasant and the most well rounded with no kick but a soft yet pungent citrus pine scent. The most relaxing and creamy of the ones I have tried.

Review by Ole 9/14/2020

Fresh Cut Wood


The smell reminds me of fresh cut oak and pine woods - especially when the blade slightly burns a harder wood like oak. What others are calling peppery or spicy is that fresh cut smell of wood. It's a breathtakingly beautiful smell that only lasts a few moments in the wood shop...and it's packaged in a bottle as Frankincense CO2.

Review by AJ 1/7/2018

Yum! Spicy goodness


I love all the frankincense oils offered by Eden, each one is high quality, lives up to their descriptions, and customer reviews. I don't think you can go wrong with any of them. However this is the one I find myself using the most. It's woodsy, citrusy, fresh, spicy , a little sweet and very potent. I'm sure there are nuances I'm leaving out. Highly recommend. I'll be buying more on my next purchase for sure.

Review by Lena 12/11/2015

VERY grounding and fresh


This CO2 is SOOO beautiful! This really helped dissolve some rather odd looking mole and other pigment typed spots. Therapeutically this is a favorite of mine. But alone as a fragrance this is PERFECT neat on its own. A little jojoba can stretch this even further if you want but only for gain of quantity. This oil is so smooth from top to bottom, which is nice because some frankincense can be sharp. And I agree with the lemon and pine like top note to a degree... The chemistry holds a nice α Pinene content (at this time 27.6% identifiable) so to me it's more resinous in the classic incense fashion. As for the Limonene, idk what isomer it is but it's a unique lemon-like aroma vs a true citrus blast. I just like to point this out because when I first started essential oil research, I used to stay away from certain things based on chemistry solely because I figured it would smell mile lemon pine mixed (which I found puzzling) but its important to keep in mind that there are MANY types of pinene. Alpha- resinous, yellow Beta- conifer-esque, green. A good example is the benzo family. Benzyl alcohol from florals I would guess is different from the Benzyl of berries or even resins like benzoin and liquidambar. Not to meantion the nutty seedy Benzyl from bitter almond aka Prunus armeniaca L. Even though its mostly benzaldehyde but when the chemical is acid, alcohol, ester, aldehyde, ether, phenol, ketone etc etc they all have variations. It's fun because, ylang ylang, jasmine and other florals are kinda benzo based. So a fruity, floral, nutty/seedy and resinous/balsamic benzo... So fantastic. Long story short, don't be afraid to buy something that has a description sounding "off" because chances are its just what you need :-) this frankincense is a MUST for anyone into oriental, powdery/violet type creations and interpretations, resin accords, incense bouquets, AMBRA (ambergris) & AMBER bases and accords, forest notes, religious/ceremonial effects or just to smell healing, soft a meditative. This is an oil I STRONGLY recommend to anyone and everyone reading comments, asking questions and wondering if this is a great buy or not. IT SO IS! Defiantly bulk worthy. GET AS MUCH OF THIS CO2 TODAY... NOW! Thank you very much EdenBotanicals for always coming through with FANTASTIC quality, quantity, customer service and of course the Certificate of Analysis for us Chemistry geeks out there. This really is a lovely profile with a Incensole Acetate base. This is a super heavy molecule for outstanding tenacity. It's therapuetic effects run on mystical, defiantly do your homework on these! The gift of knowing this chemistry can help those in the fragrance part of oils a lot. The heavy a substance, heavier longevity and lasting power. HAPPY SHOPPING!!!

Review by MD 3/29/2015

Wonderful in a burner


This particular oil is very nice in an aromatherapy burner. Nice citrus and spice notes. One of my favorites in a burner.

Review by JB 4/17/2014

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